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Luxury Fashion Branding

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

There has been a paradigm shift in the luxury fashion and branding industry over the past decade. Advances in information communication technology and the rapidly changing global economy have significantly changed consumer perceptions and their consumption behaviours, making it an increasingly volatile and competitive industry.

This climate has encouraged the development of new retail, merchandising and brand management strategies; as firms fight to maintain their market position. Brand collaborations, brand mimicry and flanker brands are a few examples of the myriad of fresh and innovative branding strategies employed by firms. Sustainability in luxury fashion and branding is also gathering momentum, with firms paying greater attention to their environmental impact.

Social concerns have also begun to surface, portraying the darker side of luxury fashion and branding. A prime example is young consumers resorting to prostitution to feed their compulsive addiction to luxury fashion brand purchases. On the legal side, there is also the ongoing debate regarding intellectual property rights and global patent issues that surround the counterfeiting and piracy epidemic.

This call for papers for the Luxury Fashion Branding special issue invites academics and practitioners to submit papers that explore the changes and developments within the industry. The topics include (but not limited to):

• Consumer behaviour and psychological perspectives of luxury fashion brands
• Service expectations and customer relationship management in luxury brand industries
• Cross-cultural issues in luxury fashion branding
• Product design and innovation management in the luxury fashion business
• Technology integration and application in luxury fashion brands
• Pricing issues in the global marketing environment
• Retail, distribution and merchandising process of luxury fashion brands
• Sales force issues in the global luxury fashion business
• Marketing communications in luxury fashion branding
• Corporate social responsibility issues in the marketing of luxury fashion brands
• Social, legal and ethical perspectives in luxury fashion branding (e.g. counterfeiting and piracy)
• Sustainable luxury and other “green” issues in the luxury fashion industry

Manuscript preparation and submission

Authors must follow the 'Author guidelines' which can be found on the journal homepage: Enquiries should be directed to the guest editors.

Submission deadline

The closing date for submission for this special issue is 31 March 2013.

Guest Co-Editors

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Min Teah
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