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Transforming China: 2nd Global Chinese Management Studies Conference 2012

2nd Global Chinese Management Studies Conference 2012

Confronting Entrepreneurial, Innovation,Technological, Management, Cultural, Financial and
Strategic Challenges

6 - 8 August, Concorde Hotel* Singapore

The 1st Global Chinese Management Studies Conference 2011 organized by the Institute attracted more than 250 submissions. The high quality of the papers accepted is seen in their selection for publication in the journal of Chinese Management Studies. We would like to extend an invitation to scholars interested in Chinese management to present their ideas at the 2nd Global Chinese Management Studies Conference 2012. If you wish to present your ideas for a paper, please submit a full and detailed abstract in the Emerald style to [email protected].

The Abstract should elaborate on Purpose, Design/ Methodology/Approach, Findings, Practical Implications, Originality/ Value, Keywords and Paper Type (eg. Conceptual, Research, Viewpoint etc).

Please submit your abstract no later than March 30th 2012 for a decision by the Selection Committee (Editor-in-Chief and Regional Editors). We are especially keen to publish well articulated, original theories from Chinese contexts.

Processing of submissions
This CMS Conference provides the platform for cutting edge research on Chinese management. Ideas, theories or models on
changes in management inside China are especially welcomed. In 2012 we would like to emphasize original thinking relevant
to Chinese management. This should be clearly evident in the abstracts before these are accepted for the Conference. All
abstracts submitted shall be put on a CD that will be made available through Sun Tzu Art of War Institute.
During the Conference itself, the authors are encouraged to bring additional printed copies of their preliminary manuscripts for
distribution. A printed copy should also be given to Dr FOO Check Teck, the Editor-in-Chief or Regional Editors. On the basis
of their presentations and the preliminary manuscripts, authors may then be extended an invitation to further develop their work
for publication in Chinese Management Studies.

Suggested Topics
For 2012, we would like to especially welcome new ideas and topics that are multidisciplinary in nature. As before we continue
to welcome authors who are researching on these broad or related areas:
• New Management Ideas
• Values and Philosophy
• Innovation Management
• China and the Global Economy
• Leadership, Transition and Change
• HRM, Labor Relations and Productivity
• CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
• Culture, Ethics and Morality
• Managing in a Crisis
• Individual, Group and Corporate Behavior
• OD (Organizational Development)
• Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism
• Guo Xue and Chinese Management
• Marxism, Maoism and Communist Ideology
• Chinese Strategic Thinking
• Historical Studies of Chinese Industries
• Emerging Issues in Management

Conference Fees
Registration: US Dollars 990 per delegate (inclusive of all conference sessions, lunch and refreshments). The price does
not include hotel accommodation (alternative venue being considered: Nanyang Executive Center, NTU, Singapore).

Submission deadline: 30th March

Selection for CMS:

If selected for CMS, promising authors will be given up to one or even two years to fully develop the manuscript. This will enable
the author to include data collection, analysis and writing up. Dr FOO Check Teck believes that original ideas require at least
one year or more to be fully developed as a substantial paper. Regional Editors of CMS will be assigned to help younger authors

To register for the conference please email [email protected] with your name, affiliation, and contact address.