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Green Innovation Management: theory and practice

Special issue call for papers from European Journal of Innovation Management

Responding to the “green” agenda has emerged as a key challenge and opportunity for enterprises of all sizes. This is because it may confer legitimacy, enhance competitiveness, and evidence ecological responsibility in an environment of both regulatory and consumer sensitisation.  Thus, enterprises are looking beyond their internal processes to improve the environmental profile of their product lifecycle, from the raw materials acquisition to the use by customers. As a consequence, the development and management of green innovation is becoming more and more relevant for enterprises, regardless of the industry that they belong to. Whilst the meaning of the term “green” has been extensively discussed in the literature, a general definition of “green innovation” still eludes researchers and policy-makers.  Instead, the concept has remained rather broad embracing different aspects.  

The purpose of the Special Issue is to bring together papers which contribute to the understanding of the specific features of green innovation.  Potential contributions may include, but are not limited to, issues such as:

  • Theoretical frameworks/definitions about green innovation
  • Reviews of existing literature about green innovation
  • Green innovation models for SMEs
  • Green innovation management and enterprise strategy
  • Emergent green innovation models
  • Green innovation practices across industries
  • The evolution of green innovation
  • Applying green innovation: examples from the sectors
  • Green innovation and firm performance
  • Indicators for measuring green innovation.

Contributions aimed at developing theoretical frameworks capable of synthesising the existing body of knowledge in the field, and papers presenting strategic or operational problem-solving applications based on a rigorous methodology are welcome to the Special Issue. High quality papers reporting on empirical studies, case studies, surveys, experiences, success stories, real world examples and practice are also of particular interest. Interdisciplinary research is also encouraged.

Guest Editors

Massimo BERTOLINI, Ph.D., Eng.
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Parma
43124 Parma (PR), Italy
[email protected]

Barbara BIGLIARDI, Ph.D., Eng.
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Parma
43124 Parma (PR), Italy
[email protected]

Submission details

The deadline for submitting full papers is 1st October 2011.

Papers should be submitted via Scholar One Manuscripts, please choose this special issue from the list when submitting.

Please read the author guidelines before submitting.