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MBE Celebrates 15 volumes and welcomes new submissions

Journal call for papers from Measuring Business Excellence

Measuring Business Excellence is proudly celebrating its 15th volume of publication. Over the past 15 years, the journal has progressed and developed into a highly respected outlet for research in the field.

The editors, Dr Jos van Iwaarden and Professor Giovanni Schiuma would like to take this opportunity to recognize the high quality contributions published to date and would like to welcome and encourage new submissions.

In recognition of those who have contributed to the journal’s first 15 volumes, a list of the most popular published articles can be found below:

  • 1)  Rajagopal (2006), “Brand excellence: measuring the impact of advertising and brand personality on buying decisions” Vol. 10, Issue 3
  • 2)  Andy Neely, Mike Bourne, Chris Adams (2003), "Better budgeting or beyond budgeting?” Vol. 7, Issue 3
  • 3)  S. Wongrassamee, J.E.L. Simmons, P.D. Gardiner (2003), "Performance measurement tools: the Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model" Vol. 7, Issue 1
  • 4)  G. Roos, Lisa Fernström, S. Pike (2004), "Human resource management and business performance measurement" Vol. 8, Issue 1
  • 5) Bernard Marr, Chris Adams (2004), "The balanced scorecard and intangible assets: similar ideas, unaligned concepts" Vol. 8, Issue 3

Measuring Business Excellence provides international insights into non-financial ways to measure and manage business performance improvements and company’s value creation dynamics.

MBE publishes both rigorous academic research and insightful practical experiences about the development and adoption of assessment and management models, tools and approaches to support excellence and value creation of 21st century organizations both private and public.

The Editors now ask for submissions to the journal, including but not limited to the following areas: 

• Measuring and managing business performance
• Process performance improvements
• Strategic resources allocation and utilization
• Approaches, methods and techniques for designing, implementing and reviewing performance measurement and management systems
• Intellectual, intangible and knowledge assets
• Soft dimensions of excellence
• Evaluation and understanding of business excellence: competitive, technological, social, and political factors
• Innovation, change and creativity for organization development

Submissions should be made via Scholar One Manuscripts:

For more information and author guidelines, please visit the journal website: or email the Publisher: Matt Burton [email protected]