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ASAC Conference 2011

Call for Papers

The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
54th annual conference, July 2-5, 2011, Montréal, Québec Canada

~ What matters most ~
Our conference theme, What Matters Most, invites you to reflect upon what is most important, relevant, and significant in your field, in your work as an academic, in organizations, and beyond. We encourage papers and symposia that consider, for example:

• What are the key findings, key theories, key challenges…. in your field? In organizations?
• What matters most? To whom? In what context?
• How do we determine what matters most? To whom?
• How do we measure what matters most? Can we?
• What are the core issues, concerns, and priorities in your discipline?
• What are “the fundamentals” in your discipline?
• How can we make a difference?
• If we were teaching what mattered most, what would it be?
• What should matter most to us as management educators?
• Can business schools help students achieve what matters most?
• What are the core predictors of an effective marketing strategy?
• What are the most critical issues involved in introducing information technology?
• What has the most significant impact on organizational outcomes and success?
• What strongly predicts employee effectiveness?
• What are employees’ priorities in relation to work, family, or their intersection?
• What matters most in leading employees?
• Where should we direct our future research efforts?

We are inviting you to join us in Montréal to dialogue, debate, and ponder what matters most with your colleagues in a stimulating and congenial setting. Montréal’s cosmopolitan flair and “joie de vivre” provides a fantastic backdrop for not only sharing perspectives and research, but also renewing relationships and connections within and across disciplines.

Case Track
Business professors, for both research and teaching purposes, have extensively used case writing and case discussion in class. Authors of empirical (not fictional) cases with a clear decision focus relevant for undergraduate or graduate programs are invited to submit their case study and an accompanying teaching note via the conference webpage  no later than February 1st, 2011. The same requirements and blind review procedures apply as for submissions to the regular research track. Awards, recognizing the best cases submitted, will be presented at the conference. More information about the Case Track can be found at

Paper Submission
• Original papers, written in English or French, should be submitted electronically to the appropriate ASAC division in Microsoft Word. All contributions will be peer reviewed, and selected papers will be included in the Proceedings.
• Papers must conform to the ASAC Typing Style Guide and must not exceed fifteen (15) single-spaced pages (use Times New Roman 11), including all author information, the title of the paper, maximum 50-word abstract, all footnotes and endnotes, all tables, figures, and appendices but excluding references. On a separate page, indicate the authors’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses and to whom all communications should be directed [Students should also indicate their status and the school in which they are enrolled.]
• All contributions must be submitted via the conference webpage no later than February 1st, 2011. Late contributions will not be accepted.
• By submitting a paper, authors are committing to the following ASAC policies:
o The paper has not been published or presented elsewhere or be under consideration for another conference.
o Once the paper has been submitted, no changes to authorship are permitted.
o At least one author will register for the conference by May 1st, 2011. In the absence of this registration, the paper will be removed from the divisional program, the proceedings (if applicable), and consideration for any divisional awards.
o At least one author of a submitted paper will attend the conference to present their paper, should it be accepted.

Symposia and Professional Development Workshops
Members interested in organizing a symposium (to be held during the regular program) or professional development workshop (to be held on Saturday) should prepare a detailed description of its overall purpose and the specific role of each participant and send it via the conference webpage  no later than February 1st, 2011. The same requirements and blind review procedures apply as for paper submissions.

ASAC 2011 Program Tracks 
1. Accounting
2. Business History
3. Case Track
4. Entrepreneurship & Family Business
5.  Finance
6. Gender & Diversity in Organizations
7. Health Care Management
8. Human Resources
9. Information Systems
10. International Business
11. Management Education
12. Management Science
13. Marketing
14. Organizational Behaviour
15. Organizational Theory
16. Production & Operations Management
17. Social Responsibility
18. Strategy
19. Technology & Innovation Management
20. Tourism & Sport Management 
For a list of divisional officers, please refer to

Welcome to Montréal!
ASAC 2011 is hosted by ESG-UQAM located in downtown Montréal. The conference will be held on the UQAM campus.

ASAC 2011 Contacts
Co-chairs: Komlan T. Sedzro - [email protected]    Céleste M. Brotheridge – [email protected]
ASAC 2011 website: