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Applied Psychology's Contributions to Society

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Managerial Psychology

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Journal of Managerial Psychology

Applied Psychology’s Contributions to Society

Deadline: January 15, 2011

Edited by Dr Dianna Stone ([email protected]) and Guest Editor Kimberly Lukaszewski, State University of New York at New Paltz ([email protected]).

Individuals and organizations are facing numerous challenges in today’s world. For instance, the recent financial crisis has resulted in large job losses, and increased poverty levels among people in many nations. Similarly, the worldwide recession has created a crisis of confidence in corporate leaders, and prompted concerns about corporate ethics and social responsibility. Apart from these problems, organizations and their members are confronted with a host of new challenges created by dwindling natural resources, globalization, technology, and a rapidly changing workforce.

Purpose of the Special Issue 

Although these problems seem formidable, some researchers (Dunnette, 1991; Campbell, 1991) have argued that worldwide challenges have often been accompanied by some of the most significant research contributions in Applied Psychology. For instance, World War I stimulated the increased use of psychological testing for selection and placement. Likewise, the labor-management conflict in the 1930's triggered the growth of the human relations movement in our field. World War II sparked an interest in the advancement of assessment and statistical techniques. The US civil rights movement in the1960's served as the inspiration for research on unfair discrimination, and organizational justice. In the1990's the increased use of downsizing in organizations prompted concerns about the breach of psychological contracts and organizational support. Finally, globalization and the changing composition of the workforce (e.g., aging populations) in many countries have prompted an interest in diversity and cross-cultural issues in organizations.
Given these examples, it is clear that many significant contributions to research have flowed from an interest in the challenges that affect our lives. Thus, we believe that research in Applied Psychology should pay special attention to issues that have an important impact on the well being of individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. As a result, this special issue will focus on research in Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and/or Human Resource Management that makes key contributions to society. For example, some the growing concern about the ethics of our leaders might be used to expand current models of moral and ethical leadership. In addition, many societies underutilize the talents and skills that women, ethnic minorities, older workers, and people with disabilities bring to the workplace. Thus, research might examine strategies that can be used to increase the inclusion of these outgroup members in organizations. Likewise, in view of the employment-related problems caused by the recent financial crisis organizational researchers might focus on methods for enhancing the health and well-being of employees in organizations. These are a few examples of topics that might be included in the special issue.
In view of the challenges noted above, the Journal of Managerial Psychology would like to encourage authors to submit manuscripts that consider new theories and issues that may be extremely important in today’s changing society. Apart from conceptual manuscripts, we also welcome empirical studies that expand our existing knowledge on key social issues. A list of potential topics is noted below, but please know that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. If authors have questions about the relevance of specific topics for the special issue they should feel free to contact Editor, Dianna Stone at [email protected] or Guest Editor Kimberly Lukaszewski at [email protected].

List of Potential Topics for the Special Issue

Contributions to Society made by Applied Psychology,
Human Resource Management (HR), and Organizational Behavior (OB)
Social issues in HR and OB
Enhancing the Health and Well-being of employees
Organizational Justice
Overcoming job loss
Ethical Behavior in Organizations
Ethical or Moral Leadership
Increasing the Inclusion of Outgroup Members (e.g., older workers, women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities)
Decreasing unfair discrimination in organizations
Social Impact of Technology

Submission Guidelines

The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is January 15, 2011. Please submit manuscripts in MS Word format via email attachment to Kay Wilkinson, Editorial Administrator, at [email protected]. You should also note that the manuscript is for the special issue on “Contributions to Society.”

Manuscripts should follow the JMP submission guidelines outlined at 
They should be no more than 6,000 words of text (not including tables, references or graphs). In addition, titles should be eight words or less.

In keeping with ethical standards of research, each author who submits a manuscript to JMP must ensure that the original data or results presented in the manuscript have not been published in whole or part elsewhere. The primary reason for this is that duplicate publication may distort the knowledge base in a field and may lead to erroneous inferences regarding a phenomenon. Authors for whom English is their second language are encouraged strongly to use an editing service prior to submitting their manuscripts. One example of such a service is Emerald Publishing Editing Services, and information about these services can be found at the Emerald Publishing website ( This special issue is open and competitive. Submitted papers will undergo the normal, double blind peer review process.