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Marketing Strategies of MNCs from Emerging Markets

Special issue call for papers from International Marketing Review

Special Issue Editors:

 Prof. Kamel Mellahi, The University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Mehmet Demirbag, The University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. S. Tamer Cavusgil, Michigan State University, USA
Prof. Wade Danis, Georgia State University, USA
Multinational companies (MNCs) from developing and emerging economies have recently shown an unprecedented increase in numbers. For example, in 1990, only 19 firms from emerging and developing countries featured in the Fortune 500 list. The number increased to 47 in 2005 (UNCTAD, 2006). While emerging markets MNCs (EM-MNCs) are gaining a strong foot hold in the global economy, we know very little about their international marketing strategies. Within the vast international marketing literature, the focus has been on western MNCs. EM-MNCs with relatively low level of international experience face profoundly different challenges to those originating from western countries. For instance, most EM-MNCs originate from countries noted for low quality products which may reflect unfavourably on their brand image. Therefore, it stands to reason that marketing strategies that work well for Western MNCs may not work as well for EM-MNCs because of their different country image. This timely special issue is dedicated to the publishing of empirical research that explicitly examines marketing strategies employed by EM-MNCs. The proposed Special Issue offers a rare and unique opportunity for scholars engaged in research on EM-MNCs to share their findings in such a scholarly outlet.
Topics may include but are not limited to the following issues:
  • Market entry strategies of EM- MNCs.
  • Motives for international market expansion by EM- MNCs.
  • Acquisitions and post acquisitions strategies of EM- MNCs
  • Branding strategies of EM- MNCs.
  • Successful (and unsuccessful) EM-MNCs marketing strategies.
  • Liability of foreignness and international marketing strategies of EM- MNCs.
  • Customers’ perceptions of, and reactions to, products produced by EM-MNCs.
  • Country of origin image and EM- MNCs.
  • Conceptualizations of internationalisation strategies exhibited by EM-MNCs in contrast to western MNCs

The special issue is open and competitive and submitted papers will undergo the normal rigorous, double-blind review process to ensure relevance and quality. Submitted papers must be based on original work not under consideration by any other journal or outlet. Deadline for submission: 31st May 2008.

Submissions to International Marketing Review must be made using the ScholarOne Manuscript Central system:

The journal homepage is located at: Please read the author guidelines on this site before submitting your paper.

Prospective contributors with questions concerning the potential suitability of topics, Guest Editors’ expectations, or additional requirements about this special issue are invited to contact the guest editors by email:

Kamel Mellahi: [email protected]

Mehmet Demirbag: [email protected]

S. Tamer Cavusgil: [email protected]

Wade Danis: [email protected]