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Call for papers: Self Directed Learning in the Workplace

Journal of Workplace Learning


Self Directed Learning in the Workplace

Deadline for submissions: 15th October 2010

During the last decade, various factors have increased the importance of Self Directed Learning (SDL) in the workplace. Two factors have played an important role in this: firstly, responsibility for one’s employability resulting from new work relations and secondly, more autonomous and complex work resulting from the emergence of the knowledge economy. Identifying the factors impacting on SDL is one of the possible aims of this special issue.

A second possible theme is the psychological, pedagogical or environmental component of SDL. The psychological component refers, for example, to the links between self-efficacy and SDL, and to SDL readiness. The pedagogical component targets the means through which SDL is achieved: learning projects, e learning, etc. The environmental component refers to the learning climate or culture supporting SDL.
SDL in the workplace involves, on the one hand, individual learning practices and, on the other, organizational support through actions such as organizational policies supporting SDL. Providing data based on a theoretical framework could also be of interest for this special issue.
Finally, SDL activity is examined from various perspectives, such as autodidaxy. Moreover, various conceptualizations of SDL have been proposed. Consequently, theoretical articles which assist the  better understanding of  SDL activity could also be relevant.
Articles should be able to demonstrate added value to the existing literature. Empirical studies (qualitative or quantitative) and theoretical articles are welcome.  

Guest Editor: Professor Roland Foucher

Professor Roland Foucher has completed his doctoral studies in work and organizational psychology. He is currently Professor of Human Resource Management in the Department of Industrial Relations of the Université du Québec en Outaouais (Canada). He is the author or co-author of eleven books, nine of which are in the field of human resource management and development: two on strategic human resource management, four on competencies and competency management, one on organizational performance and psychological health, and two on Self Directed Learning (SDL).

He has published more than 20 articles and book chapters related to SDL, mainly on the following topics: organizational policies regarding SDL; factors influencing organizational support to SDL practices; impacts of factors such as self-efficacy on individual SDL practices; SDL practices in various occupations. He has been the director of two PhD programs and the founder or co-founder of the following research groups: Center for Research on Management and Chair on Competencies Management (Université du Québec à Montréal); GIRAT (Group for interdisciplinary research on autonomous learning) based in five Canadian universities. Email: [email protected]

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