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1st Academic International Conference 'Exploring Leadership & Learning Theories in Asia' (ELLTA)

Conference call for papers from The Learning Organization

Hosted by the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Malaysia
February 15-18, 2011

(Special issue of papers on ‘Learning Organizations - The Asian Perspective’ to be published as volume 18, no 6, 2011)

The core emphasis of the conference is on understanding Asian perspectives on leadership and learning. Leadership and learning, like various other concepts, are often viewed/ treated as global. As a response and reaction to the predominant presence of social theories rooted in the West, there is a growing recognition of and movement towards understanding theories through the wide range of diverse contextual and cultural perspectives available in the East.

The significant role of culture is highlighted to an extent that some Asian researchers suggest that effective leadership in one culture may be counterproductive in another. It is in this connection that the conference is strategically an important initiative, as it aims at contributing to the knowledge on leadership and learning in Asia .

Thus, the questions that the conference intends to address are:

  • Are the west-inspired theories on leadership and learning relevant for Asia in general and different contexts in Asia in particular?
  • Is there a need to develop theories specific for Asia in general and different contexts in Asia in particular?
  • Are there existing theories on leadership and learning with an Asian origin, which have not received much attention or have not been acknowledged so far?

March 31, 2010
Notification of acceptance
June 15, 2010
Full papers due
December 15, 2010

For further details, a full version of the Call for Papers is attached in PDF format.

Please, visit also the Conference Website, at for more and continued information update about submissions, the journal Special Issues, members of the International Advisory Board etcetera.

Please feel very welcome to submit your work by logging on to the ELLTA website.

Contact us via the following e-mail addresses:
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Alternate address:
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Conference Organizers

Anders Örtenblad, Sweden
Muhammad Babur, AKU-IED, Pakistan
Roshni Kumari, AKU-IED, Pakistan