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Special Issue: "The influence of manager and employee characteristics on creativity and innovation"

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Manpower

Special Issue Call for Papers

Guest editors: Rosa M. González-Tirados; Ángeles Montoro-Sánchez; Alejandro Escribá-Esteve

During the forthcoming 1st Conference on “Creativity and Innovation in an International Context” (Valencia, Spain, June 1-4, 2010), the International Journal of Manpower (IJM) will host a track devoted to the influence of managers' and employees' characteristics on creativity and innovation. This Call invites proposals for papers to be presented at the IJM track at the conference.  The editor-in-chief of IJM, Adrian Ziderman together with the Guest Editors, will make a selection from the papers presented in the track for inclusion in a special issue of the IJM.

Substantial evidence suggests that employees’ and managers’ creativity makes an important contribution to organizational innovation, competitiveness and survival. But, what factors contribute to promoting creativity and innovation in an organizational context? Previous research studying the antecedents of creativity in organizations has addressed contextual factors (time-pressure; feedback valence; nature of task; support for creativity; etc.) as well as individual (openness to change; openness to experience; individual values; self-perceptions, commitment, etc.) and group characteristics (group values; functional and educational diversity; cognitive conflict; heterogeneity; etc.)

Creativity and innovation often require individuals to be able to recognise problems with the status quo and the need for change. Thus, this special issue is aimed at an understanding of the contexts, characteristics and interactions of managers and employees, that increase the likelihood of creative behaviors and the promotion of innovation in an organizational context.

The guest editors are particularly interested in empirical contributions. Recommended topics include:

- Integrative and interdisciplinary theoretical models on creativity and innovation.

- Classification and influence of managers and employees characteristics according to their levels of creativity and innovation.
- The role of human resources creativity on innovation in small and medium firms.
- Human resources management and strategic renewal processes in creative and innovative firms.
- Management and employees recruitment processes for increasing creativity and innovation: characteristics and consequences.
- Training for creativity and innovation.
- Retaining talent of managers and employees for maintaining and increasing creativity and innovation.
- Reward systems that enhance innovation and creativity of managers and employees.
- Comparison of human resource practices (recruitment, selection, training, incentives…) between creative and innovative firms and non-creative and non-innovative ones.

Papers for the special issue will be selected from the proposals submitted by prospective authors to [email protected] before January 31, 2010. Please indicate that the paper is submitted for “Track 6 The influence of manager and employee characteristics on creativity and innovation”. Questions about the special issue should be directed to one of the guest editors: Professor Alejandro Escribá-Esteve, at [email protected] Please ensure that papers adhere to the journal’s author guidelines at:

The authors will be notified by February 15, 2010  if the proposal has been accepted. The full version of the paper should be submitted no later than March 15, 2010. The paper will then be subjected to a double blind peer review and, if accepted with a “revise and resubmit” note, the revised paper should be resubmitted by April 30, 2010. Papers must be presented in person at the Conference in Valencia. A selection of the best papers presented in the track will be published in a special issue of IJM in the first half of 2011.

The International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM) has been created by the editors of a number of international journals, as a forum  to foster cooperation between member journals, to plan strategies for improving their scientific content and to achieve greater impact and recognition for these publications. 

The first conference of INBAM on “Creativity and Innovation in International Context” will be held in Valencia (Spain) on June 1-4, 2010. The overall theme of the Congress will be broken down into subtopics, within a total of eight tracks. Each track is to be organized by one of the INBAM member journals. In this way, the various tracks can be adapted to the different streams of research and editorial policies of each journal participating in the Congress.

More information about the 1st INBAM conference is available at: