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Business research in Southern Africa

Guest Editors: Adele Berndt, Monash University, South Africa, and
Goran Svensson, Oslo School of Management, Norway

This coming year, 2010, the world sports spotlight will be on the African continent, and this creates an ideal opportunity to highlight research and business activities in Southern Africa. As an emerging market, Southern Africa is regarded by many as an economic hub within Africa, affecting not only African economies but others further afield. Research conducted in Africa, lessons learned and best practices, against the backdrop of this sporting year, not only is relevant in today's context, but also is very applicable, because, whereas most European and other first-world markets are saturated, research conducted in Africa is applicable to the wider community. Using Southern Africa as a benchmark will help shape and fine-tune business strategies of companies broadening their focus.

European Business Review is compiling a special issue on "Business research in Southern Africa''. European Business Review provides interesting, innovative and relevant articles which add to the understanding of European business as well as wider international influences affecting Europe.

We invite academics and practitioners to submit papers on any of the following topics:

  • Management
  • Managerial finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations research
  • Tourism.

Papers may be empirical or practical in nature, but should present managerial issues of interest to European researchers and managers.

Submission date: 31 March 2010
Publication date: Early 2011

Papers should be submitted electronically to:
Adele Berndt
[email protected]
or Goran Svensson
[email protected]

The format for submissions to the European Business Review can be found at:
Those with questions about the acceptability of proposed topics are urged to contact the Guest Editors as soon as possible.