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Health Education - Special Issues

Special issue call for papers from Health Education

Health Education is considering running the following special issues. If you would be interested in contributing to one of them, please contact the guest editor for further information or to discuss ideas.  Submissions should sent, in electronic form only, to:
Torhild Hearn
Journal Manager
School of Education,
University of Southampton,
Hampshire, SO17 1BJ,
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2754
Fax: +44 (0)23 8059 3556

Physical fitness, physical activity and physical education
For further information contact the guest editor Neil Armstrong, [email protected]
Advancing an evidence based approach to Public Health Guidance 
For further information contact the guest editors Mike Kelly, [email protected], or Amanda Killoran  [email protected]
Better education, better training, better nutrition, better health
This issue will aim to capture research and scholarship around improving effectiveness of practice in nutrition health promotion or nutrition health education or the training of professionals who practice in these areas. This is especially timely in the United Kingdom as there are efforts to promote (even save) Health Promotion as a specialist area of practice based on a specialist discipline within the range of Public Health and to thereby to contribute to health improvement. Public Health is conceived to stand upon Health Promotion as one of its cornerstones but to lack a strong evidence base – there being a weak tradition of evidence based practice among practitioners who are all too often isolated and poorly supported, and no more so than in nutrition health promotion and nutrition health education which is underrepresented in the academy.
For further information, contact the guest editor Jackie Landman, [email protected]
Health Communication
Papers must be based on empirical studies of physician-patient interaction.
For further information contact the guest editor Han Li, [email protected]
Schools and health education: what works, what is needed, and why?
Given the size and accessibility of the school population, schools can potentially make an enormous, positive impact on the health of a nation. In this special issue we would like to hear from authors who have successfully developed any form of school based health promotion program; as well as from those authors that have identified a need for some form of innovation or improvement in current school- based health promotion approaches, and can provide some direction about what we need to do in future and why.  Systematic reviews of specific topic areas will also be acceptable.
For further information contact the guest editor Ray Marks, [email protected]
Mental health promotion and the good and healthy school
Mental health promotion has moved into the focus of school health promotion in the last few years. Mental health problems are more prominent in the population of school-aged children and school teachers. Research and experience in schools show that mental health conditions and achievements of pupils and teachers in learning and teaching are closely linked.  Mental health promotion could be a key strategy in the future to support pupils, teachers and school as a system to develop to be good and healthy places for learning and teaching. Concepts, projects and programmes on school, mental health promotion are invited to present there ideas and results. They should be able to link their contribution to the discussion about school quality, school effectiveness and the "good school".  
For further information contact the guest editor Peter Paulus, [email protected]
The Journal Website will also be useful for authors, especially the “Author Guidelines” on: