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Invitation and call for abstracts: International Conference, Industry Day and Students Day, Rotterdam, 5-9 October 2009.

Dear colleagues,
We like to invite you kindly to participate in the International Conference Changing Roles: New Roles; New Challenges.
Purpose of the conference
The purpose of the conference is to bring together architects, building professionals, researchers and students to meet and discuss from a broad perspective how recent developments in building and construction influences and alters the roles of the participants in the building industry. Special attention will be given to the changing role of clients, managing specialists, architectural designers, engineers, consultants, and contractors.
Worldwide initiatives to re-value construction can be seen nowadays. A lot of attention is given to new ICT approaches, procurement routes and so on. Less attention has been given to the changing roles of the participants, and how this effects their professional and contractual position, tasks and responsibilities.
New types of procurement, changing building regulations, developments in ICT the worldwide strive for re-valuing construction at the end all have one purpose delivering better buildings by means of better managing and organising the way we built them. Papers are invited on the sub themes Integration and collaboration, New roles, New challenges, Adaptable futures. These themes are for guidance and should be interpreted widely.
Please visit our website for more detailed information and to download a full colour brochure (also available in Chinese), for regular updates, submission and registration:
This international conference is organised as a CIB Co-sponsored event by the Design & Construction Management group of the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology. The following groups and institutions are actively supporting the conference:
§         CIB W096 Commission on Architectural Management,
§         CIB W104 Commission on Open Building Implementation,
·The College of Architecture and Planning of Ball State University,
·Adaptable Futures group of Loughborough University,
§         CIB TG53 Task Group on Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction
·BuHu The Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment, University of Salford.
§         CIB’s Integrated Design Solutions (IDS) Program Committee
§         CPI Knowledge Centre for Process Innovation in Construction.
§         BOSS RE&H Students Society from TUD.
The Conference will be held at the steam ship SS Rotterdam, one of the largest Dutch Steam Cruise Vessels and the former flagship of the Holland - America Line. The SS Rotterdam will be opened as a four star hotel and luxury conference venue after a total rebuilt in 2009. More information on the SS Rotterdam can be found, at
Abstract Invitation and conference themes
Abstracts must be submitted before 17 April 2009 and are invited on the following themes:
Integration and collaboration
·        Contract specific briefing.
·        How BIM affects the role of the building participants.
·        Knowledge integration in case of integrated and PFI contracts
·        Cultural differences in international projects.
·        Professional ethics and integrated procurement.
·        Collaborative working in construction.
·        Past Performance in construction
·        Legal aspects of integrated and PFI contracts.
New roles
·        New roles for clients, architects, contractors and advisors in integrated and PFI contracts.
·        Changing role of design and engineering within construction.
·        Global constructions and its effects on construction firms.
·        Total engineering.
·        Information and knowledge management in architectural and engineering design.
·        Collaborative architectural design (integration between architectural and engineering design, construction and use).
·        Multi-architect design collaboration.
·        The contractor as main designer in case of integrated and PFI contracts.
New challenges
·        Does integrated and PFI contracting lead to integrated building solutions?
·        Cost quality evaluation of integrated and PFI contracts.
·        Creating value trough design or creating value through contracting?
·        How to define and measure better building delivery.
·        Integration for sustainability, clients’ value and architectural value.
Adaptable futures
·        Market size, segmentation and demand for adaptable or open building.
·        Case studies: successful past attempts at procuring change-ready buildings of various kinds.
·        Accommodation capacity scenarios for various building use types.
·        Implications for stakeholders involved, design & construction process, facilities management knowhow.
·        Base building architecture: interior public space and facades as architectural issues.
·        An Infill industry: a new business entity to meet the demand for variable fit-out .
·        Incremental housing in developing societies: Working with inhabitants.
·        Education for an open architecture: how do we escape the trap of functionalist thinking?
·        Change-ready hospitals ­ open building in the healthcare sector.
These themes are for guidance and should be interpreted widely. Abstracts and papers will be subject to a double blind review procedure by the scientific committee.
Accepted papers will be published in a refereed ISBN registered proceedings.
The conference organisers might invite authors to contribute to post conference publications in special edit editions of international peer reviewed journals:
·        The international peer reviewed journal of “Architectural Engineering & Design Management”.
·        The international peer reviewed journal of “Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management”.
·        The international peer reviewed journal of “Facilities”.

Information about the ‘Architectural Engineering & Design Management’ journal can be found at:

Information about the ‘Engineering Construction and Architectural Management’ journal can be found by clicking here.

Information about ‘Facilities’ Journal can be found by clicking here.
§         From now on: Starting date Early Registration
§         17 April 2009: Deadline abstract submission
§         1 May 2009: Authors notification on abstracts
§         1 July 2009: Deadline Full Paper submission
§         31 July 2009: Authors notification on full papers
§         15 August 2009: End of Early Registration
§         1 September 2009: Deadline Revised Full Paper submission
§         15 September 2009: Deadline payment conference fee for presenting authors
§         5 - 9 October 2009: Changing Roles 2009 in Rotterdam
Concurrent to this conference several meetings are organized. Parallel to the conference a special –PhD students conference will be organised in which –young- researchers, at the start of their PhD or Post Graduate work will present and actively discuss their work. This day is organised with the kind collaboration of CIB TG 53 (Task Group on Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction) and BuHU The Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment, University of Salford. There also will be a special MSc. student design competition on the theme: "Urban -Building-Transformable”, organised by CIB W104 Open Building Implementation. Any study projects and conceptual design aiming to increasing the spatial and technical capacity of city, buildings, installations to accommodate and motivate changes in cities, is invited for the competition. An Industry meeting organised in collaboration with BOSS, the RE&H Students Society, will be held during this conference. Please check our website for regular updates on these issues:
More information on this event, the linked activities, your abstract submission, the registration procedures and so on can be found on our website:
One also can contact the Changing Roles 2009 Conference Secretariat:
D&G Organisatiebureau
Mrs. Dineke Heersma or Mrs. Gemma van der Windt
Phone: +31 (0)6 14524722
Phone: +31 (0)6 27227520
Fax:     +31 (0)10 5112119
On behalf of the organising committee,
Yours sincerely, Matthijs Prins,
Associate Professor of Design and Construction Management
Department of Real Estate & Housing
Delft University of Technology