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Call for Papers - Conflict Management and International Security

Journal call for papers from International Journal of Conflict Management

Call for Papers
International Journal of Conflict Management

Focus Issue Topic: “Conflict Management and International Security.”

In today’s world conflicts between people or groups often result in violence or threats to international security.  This special issue is designed to encourage scholars to target their intellectual resources toward addressing this highly relevant problem.  This call for papers solicits manuscripts that apply conflict management approaches to the resolution of international security issues.  These issues are broad ranging and can include the precursors and moderators of international conflict and terrorism, conflict management techniques (including negotiation and alternative dispute resolution) that can resolve conflicts short of violence, and the multifaceted outcomes of conflict (e.g., safe and secure business development vs. terrorism and violence).  

Examples of topics and questions that could be addressed are: How can the competing demands for international trade and border security be resolved through application of innovative negotiation and conflict management methods?  What peaceful methods can be used to avoid the conflicts that result in violence and terrorism?  Can border and homeland security be enhanced through collaborative and integrative efforts between and among relevant stakeholders?  How do organizations that operate in multiple countries handle the conflicting demands for international employee travel and expatriate workers with the need for security and safety?  Can conflicting desires for immigration and international travel be resolved with the need for homeland security?  How can conflict spirals be avoided or de-escalated while simultaneously enhancing border security?  Can you negotiate with terrorists and achieve positive outcomes? Do back-channel contacts facilitate conflict resolution or send confusing mixed signals?

These are just a few examples the types of studies that might be appropriate.  The overriding theme is the effective application of conflict management theories and research to international security.  Researchers are encouraged to submit manuscripts using innovative theories or methods that advance our understanding of conflict management related to this theme.

This call for papers is aimed at a wide array of scholars from different disciplines such as management, communications, psychology, sociology, public administration, public policy, law enforcement, and military science.

Studies using a variety of methodological techniques are encouraged including laboratory studies, field studies, case studies, survey research, and analysis of archival data.  Articles focused solely on theory development are also welcome as are papers that present new and novel ideas.

Manuscripts should strive to:

Use clear writing, be technically adequate, make a theoretical contribution (through testing, or conceptual development), make an empirical contribution, and have implications for practice.

Inquires and manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form by June 30, 2009 to:
Richard A. Posthuma, Editor
College of Business Administration, Room 230
University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas 79968
[email protected]