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Special issue on Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

Call for case studies and teaching notes

"It is generally acknowledged in the developing world that most of the social services provided by local and national governments will not be able to fulfil their intended purpose. Consequently, we need to think entrepreneurially about solving social problems and, at the same time, social entrepreneurship must be regarded as a process of creating value"

(Visser, 2011, p. 236)

Social entrepreneurship has different meanings in different contexts. To date the discussion has focused on its growth in established northern markets (especially the UK and the U.S.), with India and parts of Latin America contributing to emerging market examples. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor suggests rich activity in the continent’s social entrepreneurship sector (Terjesen, Lepoutre, Justo, & Bosma, 2009), although there is little published academically on Social Entrepreneurship in the African context (Visser, 2011). Africa’s depth of market failure, growing inequality, and youth bubble contribute to social innovation, and present an opportunity to share learnings and experiences through academic storytelling (Krige, 2015; Visser, 2011).

With this in mind, Emerald’s Emerging Markets Case Studies collection (ISSN: 2045-0621) will publish a special issue on Social Entrepreneurship in Africa in 2016. Case studies that document and analyse the complexity of Social Entrepreneurship decision-making in Africa are encouraged. The following focus areas are suggested:

  • Setting up / Sustaining / Scaling a social enterprise
  • Managing conflict between profit motive and social mission
  • Unique character traits of social enterprises / entrepreneurship in fragile states
  • Impact that changes local / regional systems
  • Examples of financial and organisational sustainability

Single-page abstracts of proposed case studies are required as PDF documents to Kerryn Krige via [email protected] by Friday, 23rd October 2015 (23:00 CAT). Abstracts should detail:

  • The social entreprise’s country context
  • A brief outline of the social enterprise
  • A discussion of the proposed decision-making dilemma
  • A list of the proposed teaching objectives
  • A brief discussion of the core theoretical frameworks to be taught through the case.

Authors will receive feedback on abstract submissions by Friday, 6th November 2015. Completed case studies and teaching notes must follow the Emerging Markets Case Studies collection author guidelines, and be submitted by Friday, 4th March 2016 (23:00 CAT).