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Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity

Series cover: Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity

ISSN: 2398-6018

Editor: Dr Ron Iphofen
Subject: Research Methods (view other series in this subject area)
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Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity addresses new problems, issues and concerns in the fields of research ethics and research integrity. This series is unique in confronting these challenges head on by debating and suggesting realistic solutions that can be implemented in practice.

Research ethics and integrity problems continue to challenge the research community. New cases constantly test the resources of professional associations and research ethics review committees alike.

This series offers practical help and guidance in actual research engagements as well as meeting the often varied and challenging demands of research ethics review. Thus the approach is not one of abstract moral philosophy; instead it seeks to help researchers think through the potential harms and benefits of their work and its societal impact and acceptance.

While the research community can be highly imaginative both in the fields of study and methodological innovation, the structures of management and reward can pressure researchers into errors of judgment that can have personal and professional consequences. This series adopts a ‘virtue’ ethics approach which promotes good practice and sets principles, values and standards that can act as models to aid successful research outcomes. There is clear international appeal as researchers, commissioners and practitioners alike share a vested interest in the global promotion of professional values and standards that lead to public acceptability.

Editorial team

Dr. Ron Iphofen FAcSS, Independent Consultant, France
Email address format: [email protected]

Editorial Advisory Board
Professor Robert Dingwall FAcSS, Emeritus - Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University, UK
Dr Nathan Emmerich, Queens University, Belfast, UK
Professor Mark Israel, University of Western Australia
Dr Janet Lewis FAcSS, Former Research Director Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK
Professor John Oates FAcSS, Open University, UK
Associate Professor Martin Tolich, University of Otago, New Zealand

Publisher: Philippa Grand, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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Forthcoming volumes include:

Volume 1: Finding Common Ground – Consensus in Research Ethics across the Social Sciences
Editor: Dr. Ron Iphofen, FAcSS, Independent Consultant

Volume 2: Ethics of Internet-mediated Research and Using Social Media for Social Research
Editor: Kandy Woodfield, Higher Education Academy, UK

Volume 3: Virtue Ethics and Social Science Research: Integrity, Governance and Practice
Editor: Dr Nathan Emmerich, Queens University, Belfast, UK

Volume in development: Research Ethics and Integrity in the Life Sciences
Editor: Professor Zvonimir Koporc, Catholic University of Croatia
Additional Editorial Advisory Board members:
Professor Francois Hirsch, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France
Professor James A Houghton, National University of Ireland
Professor Janet Mifsud, University of Malta
Professor Joseph Schmucker-von Koch, University of Regensburg, Germany

More information about Volume 1: Finding Common Ground - Consensus in Research Ethics Across the Social Sciences

Over the past decade there has been growing national and international concern about the impact of systems for the management of research ethics in the social sciences. In particular these ‘procedural bureaucracies’ are seen as inappropriate to the ethical governance of social scientific research as they were designed around the challenges presented by biomedical research.

This volume addresses and debates these concerns and identifies areas of ‘common ground’, core ethics principles and areas of particular concern in research ethics across the social sciences.

The volume draws on proceedings and papers delivered at a Symposia series under the auspices of the UK Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS). This project aimed to advance the understanding and application of core ethics values to all aspects of social science research from inception and review through research design, data acquisition, analysis and management to dissemination and application, in collaboration with social science learned societies, research funders, higher education establishments, researchers and participants in research.


Background to the Series: Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity
Ron Iphofen

Introduction to the volume: Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research
Janet Lewis

List of contributors

Section 1

Chapter 1 - The Quest for Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research
David Carpenter

Chapter 2 - Communitarian Principles that will Increase the Damage Done by Ethical Regulation? A Response to ‘The Quest for Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research’ by David Carpenter
Martyn Hammersley

Chapter 3 - Embedded ethics and research integrity: a response to ‘The Quest for Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research’ by David Carpenter
Sharon Macdonald

Chapter 4 - Responsible to Whom? Obligations to Participants and Society in Social Science Research
Matt Sleat

Chapter 5
Research as a Social Practice. A Response to ‘Responsible to Whom? Obligations to Participants and Society in Social Science Research’ by Matt Sleat
Rosemary Hunter

Chapter 6 - Why the Biomedical Research Ethics Model is Inappropriate for Social Sciences. A response to ‘Responsible to Whom? Obligations to Participants and Society in Social Science Research’ by Matt Sleat
Kenneth M Boyd

Chapter 7 - About ‘Othering’ Ourselves in a System with Discreoant Values: the Research-Ethics Review Process Today
Will C. van den Hoonaard

Chapter 8 - Developing standards for research practice: some issues for consideration
James Parry

Chapter 9 - The Canadian Experience. A Response to ‘Developing Standards for Research Practice: Some Issues for Consideration’ by James Parry
Susan V. Zimmerman

Chapter 10 - Towards Common Principles for Social Science Research Ethics: A Discussion Document for the Academy of Social Sciences
Academy of Social Sciences Working Group: Robert Dingwall, Ron Iphofen, Janet Lewis, John Oates with Nathan Emmerich

Chapter 11 - Towards Common Principles for Social Science Research Ethics
Remaking Research Ethics in the Social Sciences: Anthropological Reflections on a Collaborative Process
Nathan Emmerich

Section 2

Chapter 12 - The ‘Ethics Rupture’ and the New Brunswick Declaration
Ron Iphofen

Chapter 13 - The Respect Project in the Rear-View Mirror: Past, Present, and Future of International Professional and Ethics Guidelines for Social Science Research
Meta Gorup

Chapter 14 - The Social Sciences and Ethical Protocols and Standards for Research in Social Sciences Today
Gabi Lombardo

Chapter 15 - Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation – A reflection on the state of the art (based on findings of the SATORI project)
Philip Brey, Clare Shelley-Egan, Rowena Rodrigues and Philip Jansen

Chapter 16 - Safeguarding research integrity in Europe: an object of increasing legal attention
Mihalis Kritikos

Chapter 17 - Achieving Consensus in Research Ethics: An Interim Conclusion and Some Recommendations
Ron Iphofen


Publication ethics

This publication adopts the Emerald Publication Ethics guidelines which fully support the development of, and practical application of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community.

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