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Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology

Series cover: Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology
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ISSN: 2046-410X

Editor: Professor Arnold B. Bakker
Subject: Organization Studies (view other series in this subject area)
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Information Page

Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology is an established international, peer-reviewed series that examines cutting edge theoretical and research issues in positive organizational psychology

Editorial Objectives

The purpose of Positive Psychology is to change the focus of psychology from pre-occupation only with repairing the worst things in life to also building positive qualities. Positive Organizational Psychology (POP) is the study and application of optimal functioning in the workplace. It promotes occupational well-being and flourishing, and examines how positive phenomena (contexts, personal resources) can be used to deal with organizational demands and challenges. Like positive psychology, POP emphasizes the need for more focused theory building, research, and effective application of positive traits, states, and behaviors of employees in organizations. POP investigates positively oriented human resource strengths and psychological capacities that can be measured, developed, and effectively managed.

This unique series on Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology brings together experts in the field of positive psychology in the workplace and outlines how a focus on employee strengths can contribute to employee engagement and organizational success.

Key Benefits 

Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology publishes high quality work by top positive organizational psychology scholars. The series attracts a large readership because of its unique positioning as a hybrid outlet that blends the benefits of mainline journals and edited books. Like journals, all contributions are peer reviewed to ensure high quality, and are individually downloadable through your library website, enabling wide distribution and easy access. However, more like edited book volumes, Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology is less constrained by the narrowly construed editorial procedures of top journals that tend to select articles that are less speculative and provide only incremental advances to knowledge. 

Key Audiences 

The main audiences for Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology are organizational studies scholars in psychology, management, HRM, sociology and related fields. Since the volumes address key organizational policy issues such as employee engagement, proactive behavior at work, or the design and redesign of the work environment, many contributions are also relevant to a broader set of practitioner audiences. 

The Editor

Arnold B. Bakker is professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, president of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, and secretary general of the Alliance of Organizational Psychology. His research focuses on the JD-R model, work engagement, the work-family interface, and organizational psychology Apps. Professor Bakker serves on a number of editorial boards and his work has been published in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Vocational Behavior. In addition to being the series editor of Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology, he serves as editor of Current issues in Work and Organizational Psychology. For more information, visit his website: 

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editor
Arnold B. Bakker
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
[email protected]

Zoe Morris
[email protected]

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