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Review of Marketing Research

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ISSN: 1548-6435

Editor: Naresh K. Malhotra
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Editorial Objectives

The Review of Marketing Research annual series provides current, state-of-the-art articles by the marketing field’s leading researchers and academics. In contrast to other research publications in the field, that impose rigid limitations on the length of articles, RMR publishes longer chapters that are not only theoretically rigorous but also offer richer detail. RMR includes literature reviews, cutting-edge methodologies, empirical studies, emerging trends, international developments, guidelines for implementation, and suggestions for future theory development and testing.

Edited by Naresh K. Malhotra, along with a distinguished editorial review board drawn from the leading figures in marketing research and theory, the annual Review of Marketing Research volumes include approximately 7–8 chapters. Each contribution undergoes a rigorous double-blind review process, and each volume represents an across-the-board view of the full range of current marketing research methodologies.

Call for Papers

Volume 18, Special Issue on:
Marketing Accountability for Marketing and Non-marketing Outcomes
Guest Edited by V. Kumar and David W. Stewart

Marketing has a long traditional of measurement and a rich portfolio of measures of marketing outcomes.The discipline can be justifiably proud of its attention to the development of measures that exhibit strong psychometric properties, such as reliability and validity. However, most of the measures employed in marketing research, in both academic and applied settings, tend to focus on immediate marketing outcomes, such as recall, attitude, preference, and sales. Such measures are clearly important but represent an incomplete picture of the effects of marketing activities and expenditures. In today's digital world marketing has taken increased importance due to the possibility of attribution modeling whereby the effect of marketing can be teased out and attributed to specific forms of marketing. New age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Blockchain, and Drones also play a major role in influencing marketing outcomes. This volume seeks papers that identify, develop and examine measures of marketing's (in the digital and the traditional world) broader impact on the firm and society. Such measures may include financial outcomes, effects on the organization (employee morale, employee attraction and retention, employee engagement, etc.), supplier engagement, distributor engagement, investor engagement and larger social impact (quality of life, social innovation, grassroots innovation, etc.). Unique approaches to the measurement of more traditional marketing outcomes are also welcome.

All disciplines, methods and approaches are welcome. Contributors from traditionally "behavioral", "quantitative", and "managerial" research realms are encouraged to contribute. Both quantitative and qualitative approcaches to measurement are welcome. The volume seeks papers that demonstrate one of more specific outcomes. Thus, measure or scale development alone is an insufficient contribution. Rather, contributions should demonstrate how a particular measure or approach to measurement can inform management or policy decisions and/or reveal the impact of marketing actions within a specific context or population.

Authors should submit their manuscripts as a World file (please use AMA formatting) on or before May 1, 2020 to both guest editors, V. Kumar ([email protected]) and David W. Stewart ([email protected]). Manuscripts will be processed through a double blind review, and submissions are expected to contain coverage of state-of-the-art literature. Final drafts will be due on October 1, 2020. Interested authors are encouraged to contact the guest editors for questions and clarifications.


Review of Marketing Research covers the important areas of marketing research with a more comprehensive state-of-the-art orientation. Each of the articles in this publication will review the literature in a particular area, offer a critical commentary, develop an innovative framework, and discuss the future developments, in addition to containing specific empirical studies. An article may also have a section on Implementation.

Each article should address the following issues:

  • Critically review the existing literature;
  • Summarize what we know about the subject—key findings;
  • Present the main theories and frameworks;
  • Review and exposition of key methodologies;
  • Identify the gaps in literature;
  • Present Empirical Studies (for empirical papers only);
  • Discuss emerging trends and issues;
  • Focus on international developments;
  • Suggest directions for future theory development and testing;
  • Recommend guidelines for implementing new procedures and concepts.

Potential authors are free to exercise their creativity in adding to this format and expressing their innovative thinking. Send manuscripts in Word or PDF format electronically to the Editor, Naresh K. Malhotra at [email protected]. There is no need to send a hard copy.

About the Editor

Naresh K. Malhotra is the Regents’ Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a prolific publisher of cutting-edge research in the field’s top journals and a former president of the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr. Malhotra’s Marketing Research textbook, now in its fifth edition, is one of the top textbooks in the field.

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editor
Naresh K. Malhotra
Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
[email protected]


John Stuart
[email protected]

Editorial Board

Rick P. Bagozzi, University of Michigan
Russell Belk, York University
Ruth Bolton, Arizona State University
George Day, University of Pennsylvania
Dhruv Grewal, Babson College
Michael Houston, University of Minnesota
G. Tomas M. Hult, Michigan State University
Shelby Hunt, Texas Tech University
Dawn Iacobucci, Vanderbilt University
Barbara Kahn, University of Pennsylvania
Wagner Kamakura, Rice University
V. Kumar, Georgia State University
Donald Lehmann, Columbia University
Debbie MacInnis, University of Southern California
Kent B. Monroe, University of Illinois
Nelson Ndubisi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
A. Parasuraman, University of Miami
William Perreault, University of North Carolina
Robert A. Peterson, University of Texas
Jagmohan S. Raju, University of Pennsylvania
Vithala Rao, Cornell University
Aric Rindfleisch, University of Illinois
Jagdish N. Sheth, Emory Universit
Itamar Simonson, Stanford University
David Stewart, Loyola Marymount University
Rajan Varadarajan, Texas A&M University
Stephen L. Vargo, University of Hawaii
Michel Wedel, University of Maryland
Manjit Yadav, Texas A&M University


“Review of Marketing Research (RMR), under the able editorship of Naresh K. Malhotra, fills a major gap in the marketing discipline. The editorial board consists of some of the top scholars in the field and the inaugural issue contains outstanding articles by leading marketing scholars. I expect that RMR will play a significant role in shaping the future of research conducted in marketing.”
—Vijay Mahajan,
John P. Harbin Centennial Chair in Business, The University of Texas at Austin

“I enthusiastically endorse the Review of Marketing Research annual series. The marketing discipline is at a point in its development where an annual review series is a must. No other publication fulfills this need. Naresh Malhotra is an accomplished scholar who will do an outstanding job as the editor of the review series. The editorial review board he has assembled is impressive. The quality of the papers and authors in the first volume is very high to say the least. Clearly, this series will serve to promote high quality research in the marketing discipline by informing all of us of the present state-of-the-art. I commend the venture and recommend that every serious marketing scholar, marketing researcher, and library should subscribe to the review series.”
—Gary L. Frazier,
Richard and Jarda Hurd Professor of Distribution Management, University of Southern California

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