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Monographs in Leadership and Management

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ISSN: 1479-3571

Editor: Yair Berson
Subject: Management Science / Management Studies (view other series in this subject area) Scopus logo.
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About the Latest Volume

Volume 8: Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts
Editors: Claudia Peus, Susanne Braun, Birgit Schyns
Publication date: 25 February 2016

Research into leadership often focuses on standard business organizations. We know little about these proposed models apply to leadership in other contexts, such as the military, sports, film and television industries or religious organizations. Here, we deliberately reverse the idea of investigating how standard models fit into non-standard contexts; we want to know what leadership lessons can be drawn from compelling yet understudied contexts. Research and theory from four types of contexts are presented: Those characterized by high levels of competition, such as sport, those in which the generation of innovation and creativity is crucial e.g. film and television, high-risk contexts such as the military and aviation, and those where fostering the well-being of others is at the core. To summarize, as much as we can learn about leadership from standard business organizations and apply it to unusual contexts, the same applies the other way round: Idiosyncrasies of compelling contexts teach us fundamental lessons about leadership which are also applicable to other settings.

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About the Series

Monographs in Leadership and Management (MLM) aims to broaden and challenge the understanding of leadership and management for academics and practitioners alike.

Throughout the series, contributors focus on how new theoretical perspectives, measures, and intervention strategies offer rich and useful insights that can be used to foster effective leadership that promotes both the strategic goals of organizations and the needs of the people who work for these organizations.

MLM ultimately, hopes the insights offered will promote a comprehensive research agenda into what constitutes real leadership and management and how it can be positively developed to produce veritable and sustainable gains in performance.

Until his passing in 2008, this series was edited by Professor James (Jerry) Hunt.

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Yair Berson, Bar Ilan University, Israel
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