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The Economic Welfare and Trade Implications of the 2014 Farm Bill

The Economic Welfare and Trade Implications of the 2014 Farm Bill.


Vincent H. Smith, Montana State University, USA


Currently there is no comprehensive account accessible to undergraduate students, graduate students, economic researchers who are not specialists in the area of agricultural policy, of the economic welfare effects of the 2014 Farm Bill, passed by the US Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 7, 2014.

This edited collection consists of ten essays, each on the major areas of US farm programs that describes and assesses the economic welfare impacts of the programs in those areas. The chapters involve new research, but also heavily focus on providing assessments based on the current state of the art research. Each chapter is by distinguished scholars who are internationally recognized experts in the field.

Table of Contents:

List of Contributors


1 The 2014 Farm Bill, An Economic Welfare Disaster or Triumph? by Barry K. Goodwin and Vincent H. Smith

2 The 2014 Farm Bill in Historical Perspective by Barry K. Goodwin and Vincent H. Smith

3 Welfare Effects of Title One Programs by Bruce Babcock

4 Conservation, the Farm Bill and US Agri Environmental Policy by Erik Lichtenberg

5 The Negligible Welfare Effects of the International Food Aid Provisions in the 2014 Farm Bill by Erin C. Lentz and Christopher B. Barrett

6 Some Trade Implications of the 2014 Agricultural Act by Colin A. Carter

7 WTO Compliance under the 2014 Farm Bill by Joseph W. Glauber and Patrick Westhoff

8 Multiple Peril Crop Insurance by Brian Davern Wright

9 U.S. Dairy Subsidies Remain Convoluted and Costly by Daniel A. Sumner, Joseph V. Balagtas and Jisang Yu

10 The 2014 Farm Bill and the U.S. Sugar Program by Gary W. Brester

11 Losing the Plot? Agricultural Research Policy and the 2014 Farm Bill by Philip G. Pardey, Jason M. Beddow and Steven T. Buccola

12 Rural Development Policy in the Farm Bill by Mary Clare Ahearn

13 Conclusion by Vincent H. Smith


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ISBN Print: 9781785605215
ISBN Electronic: 9781785605208
Publication Date: 27 November 2015
Format print: Hardback
Format Electronic: PDF and ePub

Page count: 180
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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