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Higher Education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life

Higher Education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life.


Charles Wankel
Jan Kingsley


The use of virtual world platforms is still in its infancy and many educators are wondering how best to use such platforms as a complement to their teaching and facilitation strategies. Targeted at educators and researchers wishing to use virtual environments in their teaching practice "Higher Education in Second Life" provides practical advice specifically for educators in higher education.

This book focuses on the use of Second Life - a free, readily-accessible virtual world which is increasingly being used for both formal and informal learning. "Second Life" provides a platform where people can meet and collaborate, teach and learn, play roles and live through experiences. For the experienced this publication provides case studies and ideas for implementing effective learning experiences, for the novice it offers suggestions for overcoming potential barriers and joining the community of 'new frontier educators'. It has a broad appeal to educators from a wide range of disciplines, from the academic community, to training and development managers, and companies with corporate universities looking to reduce their costs through the use of technology and distance learning.

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781849506090
Publication Date: 23 November 2009
Format print: Hardback
Imprint: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Page count: 259
Dimensions: 165 x 240

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"A timely book on the use and potential use of virtual worlds in education that is both well-balanced and always insightful - by combining theoretical perspectives with practical case studies, this book offers educators the opportunity to understand both the pitfalls and potential of virtual worlds".
Michael Thomas, Editor, International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments

"This book provides a wide range of valuable insights and suggestions for both novice and experienced users new immersive environments. I highly recommend it!"
Robin Teigland, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.