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Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics

Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics.


Grace Ann Rosile, New Mexico State University


In this ground-breaking new book, leading native and non-native scholars present a fascinating view of American Indian tribal values and indigenous cultures. Long before Columbus, American Indians had trading routes all across the Americas. How did they maintain this extensive network of trading relationships through the centuries?

'Tribal Wisdom' offers an ethic of business practice that is relationship-based and community-oriented, fostering a harmonious web of life which includes the natural environment. Many of these traditions have shaped daily conduct in business and personal life among Native Americans for centuries and today the wider business world could find use from relating these tribal values to both ethics and sustainability.

This will be essential reading for professionals, practitioners and scholars across the business world.

Table of Contents

Preface: Genesis of this Book and Map of the Territory (Grace Ann Rosile)

Part One: Wisdom of the Elders
Chapter One: Eight Aspects of Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics and Why They Matter (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Case Vignettes: The Role of Language in Maintaining Relationships (Canna Claw)
Chapter Two:    Indigenous Ways-of-Knowing and Quantum Science for Business Ethics (Dr. Don Pepion)
Chapter Three:    Indigenous Ways-of-Knowing and Business Sustainability    (Dr. Lisa Grayshield)
Search for Wisdom (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Chapter Four:    Indigenous Science for Business Ethics and the Environment (Dr. Gregory Cajete) Case Vignette: The Business of Culture at Acoma Pueblo (Rosile citing Muller et al)
Chapter Five:    Business Ethics Overview and Current Trends (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Case Example: NOVA Corporation Case (Mabel Sanchez) Part 2: Storytelling and Indigenous Pedagogies for Business Ethics
Chapter Six:    A Coyote Story by Dr. Gregory Cajete
Chapter Seven:    But That's Not a Story! How Living Story and Indigenous Story are Antenarrative Aspects of Storytelling (Dr. David Boje)
Chapter Eight:    So, What Does It Mean? Mysterious Practices of Indigenous Storytellers (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)

Part Three: Trade, Barter, and Ethical Business Relationships
Part Three Case Example: DarDan Enterprises (Dr. Daniel Stewart)
Chapter Nine:    Native American Values Applied to Leadership and Ethics Education (Dr. Amy Klemm Verbos, Dr. Deanna Kennedy, and Carma Claw)
Chapter Ten:    Historic Trading Practices in American Indian Tribes (Dr. Calvin Boardman)
Chapter Eleven:    Power Stories and Mutually Beneficial Negotiations: Fostering Ensemble Leadership
(Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Part Three Case Ethical Dilemma: Locating Your Business (Stewart & Pascal)

Part Four: Business Ethics Education in Partnership with the Natural Environment
Part Four Case Example: The Alameda Transit Station (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile with Virginia Maria Romero)
Chapter Twelve: Critique of the Triple Bottom Line (Dr. David M. Boje)
Chapter Thirteen: Bighorn Medicine Wheel (Dr. Gerri Elise McCulloh)
Chapter Fourteen: The Trees Are Breathing Us - An Indigenous View of Relationship in
Nature and Business (Kaylynn TwoTrees and Matt Kolan)
Conclusion Responses of the Non-indigenous Business World to Indigenous Initiatives
Weaving IWOK into the storying of business, ethics, and the busy-ness of being human
(Dr. Maria Humphries, New Zealand)
Tribal Wisdom in Today's Business Environment: 8 Aspects of Tribal Wisdom Revisited
(Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Epilogue: What Does It Mean? (Dr. Grace Ann Rosile)
Search for Wisdom questions and/or activities included for each chapter.



Cover artwork by Virginia Maria Romero, 2016.

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781786352880
ISBN Electronic: 9781786352873
Publication Date: 09 August 2016
Format print: Paperback
Page count: 220
Dimensions: 229 x 152

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About the Editor

Image of Author.Grace Ann Rosile, PhD, is Professor of Management at New Mexico State University. She studies organizational storytelling, ethics, indigenous ethics, and pedagogy. She is the lead co-author on 'Ensemble Leadership Theory: Collectivist, Relational, and Heterarchical Roots from Indigenous Contexts' to appear in 2016 in the journal Leadership.  As a Daniels Ethics Fellow at NMSU from 2010-2014, she was Principle Investigator and writer on the half-hour film 'Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics' which aired on KRWG public television in 2013. The film, along with her six related shorter films applying American Indian wisdom to contemporary business issues, are all available online (here) with instructor teaching notes. Rosile sits on three academic boards, has articles in over a dozen scholarly journals - Organizational Research Methods Journal, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Management Inquiry, Organization Studies, Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Organizational Change Management, among others - and many book chapters. As founder of 'Horse Sense At Work' she also created training in embodied leadership, teamwork, and communication using structured experiences with horses (