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Followership in Action: Cases and Commentaries

Followership in Action: Cases and Commentaries.


Rob Koonce, Creighton University, USA
Michelle C. Bligh, NEOMA Business School, France
Melissa K. Carsten, Winthrop University, USA
Marc Hurwitz, University of Waterloo, Canada


For years, leading management scholars have assumed the contribution of followers is an effect rather than a cause of an organizations success. The 25 case studies and commentaries in Followership in Action from such diverse places as Canada, France, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States lend further support to this argument. Followership in Action is a highly practical and scholarly book to which leadership scholars, practitioners, and students will actively turn to better understand and apply followership theory to everyday human resource development, management, and leadership contexts. It was written with administrators, coaches, consultants, executives, human resource professionals, academic professors, and support staff fully in mind. 

As the study of followership further escalates into the global mainstream of leadership studies, this book offers an excellent way to more proactively engage future leaders and followers in issues that they are likely to face in various organizational settings. Its business, education, and government content will appeal to academia, corporations, non-profits, and other enterprises.

Table of Contents:

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All in "The Family": Leading and Following through Individual, Relational, and Collective Mindsets
Rob Koonce

A Match Made of Mission
Susan Keim
Followers Alert a Leader
B. Ariel Blair

The Acquired Executive
Marc Hurwitz

Integrating Conflict and Releasing Creative Energy: A Case for Mary Parker Follett
Suzanne Martin

Corporate President as Follower
Rushton 'Rusty' Ricketson, Sr and W. David Winner

In Whom Do We Invest?
Eric Downing and Jennifer Moss Breen

Followership and the Paradox of Promotion
Rob Koonce, Kimberley A. Koonce and Sharon Armstead

Just In Time Followership
Rhonda K. Rodgers and Michelle C. Bligh

Diversity, Inclusion, and Followership
James H. Schindler and Sonja Rogers

The Importance of Followership and Reputation in an HR Consulting Firm
Debra Finlayson and William S. Harvey

Education and the Arts

Dancing Leader
Rens van Loon and Karlijn Kouwenhoven

Shattered Dream of a University Professor
Tanuja Agarwala

Artist as Apprentice: Reexamining Distance in the Leader-Follower Relationship
Kimberley A. Koonce

Online Cybersecurity Courses: Dissent and Followership
Steven Lee Smith

Who's In Charge of a Residential College?
Eric K. Kaufman

Followership in Service Organizations: An English Secondary School Case of Distributed Leadership
Andrew Francis and Thomas Bischoff

Ethics, Government, and Military

The Interplay of Follower and Leader Ethics: A Case Study of the Film 'The Wave'
Kae Reynolds, University of Huddersfield Business School, UK

Leaders, Followers, and Failures at the VHA
Heather Getha-Taylor

To Follow or Not to Follow? A Tale of Corrupt Power and Unethical Leadership
Melissa K. Carsten

Followership, Hierarchies, and Communication: Achieving or Negotiating Buy-in within the Public Sector?
Rachael Morris and Sandra Corlett

A Mistake in the Numbers
Marc Hurwitz

Responding to Perceptions of Electoral Fraud: Followership, Emotions, and Collective Action from Malaysia's 13th General Election
Eugene Y.J. Tee, Douglas S.E. Teoh and Tamiselvan Ramis

Leading From the Middle: Effective Followership
Ted Thomas and Paul Berg

Bernie Madoff's Inner Circle
Rodger Adair

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ISBN Print: 9781785609480
ISBN Electronic: 9781785609473
Publication Date: 24 March 2016
Format print: Paperback
Page count: 300
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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"As one who has witnessed and experienced the power of followers whose actions have ranged from indifference, harm, or goodness, I commend this book because it reminds us we all must act - act with conviction and courage to ensure the betterment of our institutions and society as a whole."
Edith Eva Eger, Clinical Psychologist, Auschwitz Survivor

"Once your eyes are opened to 'followership', you will see it everywhere. This very fine collection of case studies and thought provoking essays sheds new light on the role that followership plays in every field from business to the arts, as well as the importance of followership to an organization's (and a leader's) success. "
Robert Kelley, Carnegie Mellon University

"This book has everything