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Organization Theory: Critical and Philosophical Engagements

Organization Theory: Critical and Philosophical Engagements.


Tuomo Peltonen


Understanding the history and development of organization theory has recently made new advances through new research emerging on the history of management thought, as well as through the institutionalization of critical approaches to organizations and organizational knowledge. Therefore, there is a need to revisit the historical schools and their meaning for the contemporary debates in organizational theorizing, as well as to take a critical approach to the succession of paradigms. In addition, there is a continuing need in organization theory to distinguish between different meta-theoretical influences behind new theories.

In sum, a new version of the total historical development of organization is needed, and this titleĀ  meets that need by directly using the historical sources of organization, instead of offering a secondary reading of the classics. The book also illustrates how turns in social and cultural history intertwine with the changes in philosophical assumptions and social theoretical paradigms, without resorting to a simplified linear narrative.

This book will be essential reading for all scholars in critical management studies, and those wishing to broaden and update their knowledge of contemporary organization theory.

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ISBN Print: 9781785609466
Publication Date: 29 February 2016
Format print: Paperback
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