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The Road to Self-Leadership Development: Busting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Road to Self-Leadership Development: Busting Out of Your Comfort Zone.


A.Dr. Stanley Ross, Bridgewater State University, USA


The primary purpose of The Road to Self Leadership Development: Busting Out of Your Comfort Zone is to provide individuals who want to become a leader with a systematic approach for learning how to first learn to become a self-leader. Organizations can use the book for identifying leader types and within leadership development training programs. Individuals need help in understanding the logic of being a self-leader and the critical role of self-worth (encompasses self-esteem, self-concept and self-confidence) in the process of developing the self-leader as a preparatory step to leadership development.
The book offers two important benefits to readers. First, readers learn that to lead others involves learning how to lead the self and self-leadership is all about improving feelings of self-worth. Second, the book provides a practical model for readers to follow in creating a personalized self-leadership development process or an organizations human resource leaders with a model to follow in designing and implementing a multi-stage training program that encompasses self-leadership and leadership development.

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Table of Contents Overview:

Chapter one: Introduction and Overview
Chapter Two: Experience: Grist to the Mill
Chapter Three: The Starting Point: Self-Esteem
Chapter Four: The Significance of the Self-Concept
Chapter Five: The Mission of Self-Confidence
Chapter Six: The Significance of Personal Values&nbsp
Chapter Seven: Attitude, The Manifestation of the Individual

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781785607035
ISBN Electronic: 9781785607028
Publication Date: 20 November 2015
Format print: Paperback
Format Electronic: PDF and ePub

Page count: 160
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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About the Author

A.Dr.Stanley Ross is a tenured Associate Professor of Management at Bridgewater State University. Dr Ross specialises in leadership development and strategic management.


Students enrolled in Leadership courses;
Followers of Maslow's motivation theory of Hierarchy of Needs;
Employees in companies / organisations across public and private sectors;
HR managers involved in corporate training programmes.