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Strategic Thinking: A Comprehensive Guide

Strategic Thinking: A Comprehensive Guide.


Frederick Betz, Portland State University, USA


By using actual histories of business successes and failures to illustrate theoretical concepts in strategic thinking, this book provides a fully comprehensive and practical view of the issues and current debates in leadership strategic thinking.

Leadership and strategy are intricately connected - it is a crucial responsibility of any leader to formulate strategy, and in an organization, only the leader has the power to implement strategic change.
Strategic thinking requires both idealism and realism - to imagine a better world, and to acquire the resources, skills and organization to get there. However, most organizations focus on short-term thinking for their employees and leave long-term strategy to the executives. But no high-level executive in any organization has full scope of operations - thus, for realistic strategy, there is a need for good top-down and bottom-up communication. When organizational communication is only top-down, high-level strategy can become only wishful thinking by the CEO.
This book will be suitable for professionals in the business world and also students, researchers and academics in business and management wishing to get a broad view of what strategic thinking is and how it works.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Strategic Vision (Case of the Origin of Sony)

Chapter Two: Strategic Venture (Case of the Origin of Cisco)
Chapter Three: Strategic Leadership (Case of the Growth of Cisco)
Chapter Four: Strategic Theory (Case of the Strategic Career of Steve Jobs)
Chapter Five: Strategic Business Model (Case of GM's Domination of the US Auto Market)
Chapter Six: Diversification Strategy (Case of the Bankruptcy of General Motors)
Chapter Seven: Strategy Scenarios (Case of the Origin of Mitsui Gumi)
Chapter Eight: Change in Societies (Case of the Mejii Restoration in Japan)
Chapter Nine: Strategic Dishonor (Case of the Sunbeam Bankruptcies)
Chapter Ten: Strategic Planning (Case of the Founding of Posco)

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Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781785604676
ISBN Electronic: 9781785604669
Publication Date: 08 January 2016
Format print: Hardback
Format Electronic: PDF and ePub

Page count: 220
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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