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Advertising in New Formats and Media: Current Research and Implications for Marketers

Advertising in New Formats and Media: Current Research and Implications for Marketers.


Prof. Patrick de Pelsmacker, University of Antwerp, Belgium


The advertising industry has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years. New communication technologies such as live streaming, gaming, social media, online brand communities and blogs have given advertisers new platforms to communicate and promote their messages. Two remarkable phenomena are apparent, often in combination: interactivity in online communication; and integration of editorial and commercial content. 

Academic research is increasingly focusing upon these new techniques and formats, how they work, and how consumers are affected by or respond to them. This book makes an important contribution to the field of advertising by bringing together state-of-the-art insights with an examination of how the techniques work. The book is split into three sections: The Changing Advertising Universe; Advertising in a Digital Connected World; and Hidden but Paid for: Branded Content.
The book provides conceptual overviews, discusses recent academic literature, reports new research, and develops viewpoints on the key issues. Together, it provides a valuable overview of insights into modern advertising practice for advertising academics and practitioners alike.

Brief Table of Contents:

Part I. The changing advertising universe

1. From Advertising Avoidance to Advertising Approach: Rethinking Attention in New Advertising Formats
2. Consumer Responses to Creative Media Advertising: A Literature Review
3. New Forms of Advertising in Television: Types and Effectiveness
4. Second Screen Advertising: A Typology of Multiscreening
5. Understanding Media Synergy
6. Informing Consumers about Hidden Advertising. A Literature Review of the Effects of Disclosing Sponsored Content
Part II. Advertising in a digital connected world
7. WOM Marketing in Social Media
8. Brand Pages as a Communication Tool: A State of the Art and a Research Agenda
9. Consumers' Online Brand Endorsements
10. Exploring Wear Out and Some Insights and Replies to Factors Affecting Irritation and Attitudes Towards Mobile Advertising
11. Internet Memes: The Meteorites of the Online World, Spontaneous Online Content with Corporate Relevance
Part III. Hidden but paid for: branded content
12. Product Placement, its Supporters and Detractors: A Quest for Balance
13. Does the Context Really Matter, and For Whom? Explaining the Effects of Program Liking for an Advertiser Funded Program
14. The Effectiveness of In-Game Advertising: An Analysis of the Impact of Game Context and Player Involvement on Brand Awareness
15. Product Placement in Social Games: Qualitative Research Insights
16. How to Pass the Courvoisier? An Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of Brand Placements in Music Videos
17. Defend the Indefensible: Helping Children Cope with the Implicit Influence of Online Game Advertising

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781785603136
Publication Date: 15 April 2016
Format print: Hardback
Page count: 432
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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The new media landscape characterized by digitization, interactivity, connectivity, mobility, ubiquity, multitasking, convergence, fragmentation, and integration of editorial and commercial content has disrupted traditional advertising. This book studies how these developments enable and change interactions between brands and consumers and their consequences for consumer decision making. Who else but Patrick De Pelsmacker would be able to bring together such a distinguished selection of authors and get the best out of them? A must read for academics and practitioners! 

Peter C. Neijens, Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands 
A comprehensive volume on new media that allows for a holistic understanding of how new media has changed the advertising world and where it is going from here. Patrick De Pelsmacker has masterfully assembled a team of leading thinkers in key areas related to new media - everything from new forms of television advertising and 'second screen' viewing to social media advertising and adver-games. This volume should be read both by those seeking to update themselves on new developments as well as researchers looking at new trends and ideas. 
Charles R. Taylor, John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing, Villanova School of Business, USA
Advertising in New Formats and Media covers a wealth of new insights on interactive, digital and mobile communications. De Pelsmacker assembled a state-of-the-art view on new formats such as branded content, native advertising and viral marketing based on the collective wisdom of first class academic thinkers around the globe. His book is highly recommended for both academics and practitioners. 
Joeri Van den Bergh, author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot and co-founder of InSites Consulting
This book eloquently captures the entire spectrum of advertising in new formats and media. It offers an insightful and stimulating view into the future of advertising. The contributors present the latest thinking in the field. A more than welcome contribution! Martin Eisend, Professor of Marketing, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany