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Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Perspectives

Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Perspectives.


Zubin Sethna, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Rosalind Jones, University of Birmingham, UK
Paul Harrigan, University of Western Australia, Australia


Marketing and Entrepreneurship have, until quite recently, remained two quite independent scholarly domains. In 2002, Morris et al. provided a definition of Entrepreneurial Marketing as, "an integrative construct for conceptualising marketing in an era of change, complexity, chaos, contradiction, and diminishing resources, and one that will manifest itself differently as companies age and grow. It fuses key aspects of recent developments in marketing thought and practice with those in the entrepreneurship area into one comprehensive construct".

Since then, research in this field has grown in significance across the globe. Hence, this book presents important theoretical developments with regard to research at the Entrepreneurship and Marketing interface. The editors have invited acknowledged authors working in this exciting discipline, from around the world, to divulge and present in a comprehensive format, a book which addresses critical issues for businesses, both small and large, from a global perspective.

The research is drawn from empirical research and the study of the following in diverse country contexts:

  • new venture creation
  • marketing in Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • renewal of existing businesses facing market challenges
  • internationalization
  • innovative cost-effective marketing strategies and practices
  • exploration of entrepreneurship theory and entrepreneurial behaviour of individuals and, in organisations.

Table of Contents

The co-editors are energetically driving forward research in this area, with a list of contributors that reads like an international 'who's who' of Entrepreneurial Marketing.


Professor Gerald Hills, Professor Claes Hultman

Preface: An Introduction to the Book

Zubin Sethna, Rosalind Jones, Paul Harrigan

PART A - Perspectives Of Entrepreneurial Marketing

Chapter 1 - Entrepreneurship and Marketing interface research- a synopsis and evaluation

Prof Audrey Gilmore - University of Ulster, Prof Andrew McAuley - Southern Cross University, Dr Damian Gallagher - University of Ulster, Emeritus Professor David Carson

Chapter 2 - The interrelationships between entrepreneurial experience, explanatory style, effectuation and entrepreneurial self-efficacy

Prof Chickery J Kasouf - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dr Sussie Morrish - University of Canterbury, Prof Morgan Miles - University of Tasmania

Chapter 3 - Contextual marketing (CM)

Dr Jonathan Deacon - University of Wales, Newport,  Jackie Harris - University of Wales, Newport

Chapter 4 - The Role of Marketing Rational and Natural Business Start-ups

Prof Bjorn Bjerke - Linnaeus University, Claes Hultman - Orebro University 

Chapter 5 - Entrepreneurial Marketing Orientation in SMEs

Dr Rosalind Jones - University of Birmingham, Dr Mari Suoranta - University of Jyvaskyla

Chapter 6 - Globalization of Markets Implications for the Entrepreneurial firm in the 21st Century

Prof Can Uslay - Rutgers University, Prof Sengun Yeniyurt - Rutgers University, Dr Olivia Lee - Northwest University

Chapter 7 - Opportunity and Entrepreneurial Marketing

Prof Michael Morris - Oklahoma State University, Blakely Davis - Oklahoma State University, Adam Mills - Simon Fraser University, Prof Leyland Pitt - Simon Fraser University, Prof Pierre Berthon - Bentley University

Chapter 8 - Entrepreneurial Capital and Networks

Prof Eleanor Shaw - University of Strathclyde

Chapter 9 - Are we going around in circles? Diasporic SMEs: a conceptual pattern in the field of Entrepreneurial networks

Zubin Sethna - University of Bedfordshire

PART B - Approaches to Entrepreneurial Marketing

Chapter 10 - Market Creation as an Entrepreneurial Marketing Process

Prof Jenny Darroch - Claremont Graduate University, Dr Sussie Morrish - University of Canterbury, Dr Jonathan Deacon - University of Wales, Newport,  Prof Morgan Miles - University of Tasmania

Chapter 11 - Innovative Marketing in SMEs - An 'APT' conceptualisation

Dr Michele O'Dwyer - University of Limerick, Prof Audrey Gilmore - University of Ulster

Chapter 12 - Social Media, Customer Relationship Management and SMEs

Dr Paul Harrigan - University of Western Australia

Chapter 13 - Word of Mouth to Word of Mouse: Social Media and the Entrepreneur

Prof David Stokes - University of Kingston, Chloe H Nelson - Nelson's Eye Patch

Chapter 14 - Does Branding matter to Start-ups? Challenges and Opportunities

Prof Fang Wan - University of Manitoba, Prof Amitava Chattopadhyay - INSEAD, Daniel Sun - University of British Columbia

Chapter 15 - The Soloist in Entrepreneurial MarketingDr Peter Fraser - University of Hertfordshire



"Entrepreneurial Marketing: Global Perspectives is a fantastic account contextualising the interrelationship of Entrepreneurship and Marketing as a theory and stories of learned practice. The book encapsulates a wealth of experience from a wide range of authors from leading Universities through global perspectives. I am delighted to be able to convey my support to this book where Entrepreneurial Marketing has played a great importance to me and my story as Chairman and Founder of Cobra Beer. EM as a fairly new concept has opened up theoretical knowledge transcending traditional accounts of research. I hope the book will provide a great source of learning to students, professors, and entrepreneurs seeking out new ventures."

Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE, DL Chairman and Founder of Cobra Beer

"This book is a timely and important addition to the literature on Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM). Sethna et al. superbly capture the essence of EM and everything that it encapsulates. They present insightful pieces of academic enquiry as well as new thought pieces on developing theories and concepts in the EM field. Entrepreneurial Marketing: Global Perspectives is likely to become a leading text on the subject, and will be an invaluable source of material for research students, professors and practitioners alike."

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

"Entrepreneurship is no longer thought of as solely the activity of starting a business, but as a practice that is pervasive throughout industry for creative approaches to running any kind of business. Marketing - specifically how we communicate the value of what the business offers - is directly linked to these entrepreneurial practices. This book captures research and insights on this new field of entrepreneurial marketing divided into theoretical perspectives and practical approaches --- providing the reader with the tools to apply entrepreneurial marketing techniques."

Rob Howard, Founder, Telligent

"What Sethna et al have captured in this rich and explorative research is a new and emerging trend that has been a well-kept secret for many large and small companies over the last decade. Marketing is not a science but the beauty and acumen of being able to combine both business common sense and ability with marketing theory and creative bravery. The research challenges the old school thinking of a classic MBA led business plan and execution and helps to get us all thinking about how successful businesses in the next decade are going to be built, it shows how real-time decision making, and market opportunities are created and maximized using tools like social media and smart creative people. This is a must read for people thinking about how to reinvigorate their market approach or succeed in an extraordinarily dynamic market place."

Philippa Snare, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Ltd

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781781907863
ISBN Electronic: 9781781907870
Publication Date: 16 July 2013
Format print: Hardback
Page count: 318
Dimensions: 174 x 246
Audience: Professional and Vocational

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