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Cultural Differences in a Globalizing World

Cultural Differences in a Globalizing World.


Michael Minkov, International University College, Bulgaria


Endorsed by Geert Hofstede, the world's most-quoted author in the cross-cultural field, this book explains the most salient cross-cultural variance across the world in terms of specific cultural dimensions (most of which have never been discussed so far by other authors) extracted from studies of values, beliefs, perceptions and national statistics.

It is the only book to explicate the relationship between culture and national differences in speed of economic growth, corruption and the rule of law (as measured by Transparency International and the Kaufman-Kraay index), murder rates, socioeconomic inequality (as measured by the Gini index), adolescent fertility rates, HIV rates, road death tolls, happiness and life satisfaction, educational achievement, suicide rates, gender inequality, and religiousness, to name just the most important variables.

There is a special focus on why East Asia and Eastern Europe are generally eager to absorb Western cultural influence whereas the societies from Morocco to Pakistan exhibit some resistance to such influence, and the historic origins of these cultural dimensions are analysed.

Each rigorously peer-reviewed chapter is strengthened further by a subchapter in which implications for international management and organizational behaviour are discussed, making the book attractive not only to readers with a special interest in the social sciences, but also to management consultants, management educators and business executives.

Praise for Cultural Differences in a Globalizing World

"Minkov's book is the breakthrough in cross-cultural research that we have been waiting for. He should be read from China to Latin America, from Norway to Africa and from North America to Eastern Europe."

- Geert Hofstede

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Geert Hofstede
  • Introduction: Why I Have Written this Book
  • Chapter 1: The Study of Culture and its Origins
  • Chapter 2: Major Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Chapter 3: Industry versus Indulgence
  • Chapter 4: Monumentalism versus Flexumility
  • Chapter 5: Hypometropia versus Prudence
  • Chapter 6: Exclusionism versus Universalism
  • Chapter 7: A Cultural Map of the World
  • Chapter 8: Conclusions and final remarks
  • Research notes
  • Subject index
  • Bibliography
  • About the author

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Publication Date: 27 May 2011
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Page count: 320
Dimensions: 174 x 246
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About the Author

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Michael Minkov is a Bulgarian academic whose studies and publications have been in the fields of ancient languages, anthropology, and management sciences.

He teaches cross-cultural awareness and organizational behaviour at the International University College, Sofia (on the University of Portsmouth Programme) and at the University of Sofia (on the master's programme in Scandinavian studies).

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