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Call for Papers, Proposals

Advances in Gender Research 24: Gender Panic, Gender Policy

Edited by: Vasilikie Demos and Marcia Texler Segal
Submission of Extended Abstract, Paper for Consideration by:  October 1, 2016
Completed Draft due by: March 1, 2017*
Publication Date: Autumn 2017**

AGR volume 24 will explore the social panic around challenges to the gender/sexuality system and the contested policies deployed by institutions in response, including laws and regulations pertaining to the use of public toilets, don’t ask don’t tell, sex-testing of athletes, HIV/AIDS campaigns,  and reproductive health care & abstinence only education.   Proposals for chapters focusing on gender issues and policies as contextualized by large-scale societal changes such as those resulting from de-colonialization, post-colonialization or migration are also welcomed as are ones addressing such questions: Are gender neutral policies really neutral?  Are policies based on the binary construction of gender now irrelevant to contemporary social life?

We are looking for research that addresses the development, implications and impact of gender-related social policies anywhere in the world. This includes research that may lead to new policy recommendations, that shows how policies have morphed or traveled or research that compares gender-related policies across jurisdictions.  Extended abstracts complete with theoretical orientation or perspective and methodological approach as appropriate,  paper drafts and inquiries should be sent to both Marcia: [email protected] and Vicky: [email protected]

* Completed papers should be under 8,500 words. 

** Publication Schedule: Submitters will be informed of the editors’ decision following a peer review of work by November 15, 2016. Completed draft is due March 1, 2017; By April 1, 2017 feedback on completed drafts to be given.  By May 15 final drafts are due.