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Free Access for American Sociological Association Conference 2014

Here you can find several chapters and articles which we have made freely avaliable to compliment Emerald's attendance to the ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
All articles are free to download until August 29th.

Award Winning Papers

The following papers have all won awards from related sections of the ASA, we're proud to publish and support award winning research.

Media, Movements, and Mobilization: Tea Party Protests in the U.S., 2009-2010 by Tarun Banerjee, SUNY at Stony Brook. (Research in Social Movements, Conflict and Change Volume 36)
Mayer Zald Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award 2013 Honorable Mention from the Collective Behavior and Social Movements section

Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice by Claire Laurier Decoteau, University of Illinois at Chicago. (Postcolonial Sociology, Volume 24 of Political Power and Social Theory)
Winner of the 2014 Junior Theorist Award from the Theory Section

Educational Choices and Social Interactions: A Formal Model and a Computational Test by Gianluca Manzo, GEMASS (Class and Stratification Analysis, Volume 30 of Comparative Social Research)
Winner of the 2014 Outstanding Article Award from the Mathematical Sociology section

Research addressing the impact of economic inequality on families and individuals

From Economic Stress and the Family (Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research, Volume 6)

Over the Long Haul: The Persistent Economic Consequences of Single Motherhood, by Matthew McKeever (Mount Holyoke College) and  Nicholas H. Wolfinger (University of Utah)

Family Financial Stress and Adolescent Substance Use: An Examination of Structural and Psychosocial Factors, by Melissa A. Menasco (Canisius College)

From the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

Understanding lesbian, gay, and bisexual worker stigmatization: a review of the literature, by Trevor G. Gates (SUNY at Brockport) and Pamela A. Viggiani (SUNY at Brockport)

Learning not to labour: a micro analysis of consensual male unemployment, by Andreas George Giazitzoglu (Newcastle University Business School)

Focusing on Age and Gender

Intersectionality and Work–Family Balance: A Study of Black, White, and Mexican-american Adults, by Rashawn Ray (University of
) and Pamela Braboy Jackson (Indiana University)

Aging into Disability Beyond 50: The Impact on Labor Force Participation and Earnings, by Charles Roehrig (Altarum Institute), Douglas Klayman (Social Dynamics LLC), and Kristen Robinson (Altarum Institute)

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