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Call for papers - Research in the Sociology of Work, 2014 Volume

Adolescent Experiences and Adult Work Outcomes: Connections and Causes

Volume Editors

Henrich R. Greve

Marc-David L. Seidel
University of British Colombia

Do events and experiences during adolescence influence the work outcomes of individuals when they reach adulthood? This simple question has a potentially wide range of theoretical and practical implications, and we invite manuscripts to the 2014 Research in Sociology of Work that provides evidence and interpretation on this topic.

Adolescent experiences can be linked with path dependence in occupational choice and buildup of social and human capital, and are thus important “origin explanations” for theories that address these issues. They may have further links forward to micro outcomes such as segregation within organizations as well as macro outcomes such as inequality. Because a goal of the volume is to encourage new and exploratory research, we are open to a variety of adolescent experiences as potential explanations of work outcomes.


We invite manuscripts that address issues relating early experiences in adolescence with later life work outcomes broadly defined, such as:

  • work in any type of organization (paid or non-paid)
  • entrepreneurial activity
  • equity and discrimination outcomes
  • labor market
  • the organization of work
  • career paths.

This volume is an opportunity to assemble evidence of the effects of adolescent work experiences on adult work experiences in one place and highlight the opportunities for research on this topic.

We welcome contributions from all fields including:

  • sociology
  • management
  • organizational behavior
  • entrepreneurship
  • life course
  • family studies

Contributions should analyze these substantive topics by highlighting the connection between early life experiences and later life work outcomes in any geographic region.

We have a preference for work that extends and tests theory, but we are also interested in work that provides new observations highlighting empirical puzzles for future theoretical work. The length of the submission should be commensurate with the contribution, and rigor in empirical approach is important.

Review process

We will call on external reviewers when necessary, and will use a double blind procedure. Submission to the volume implies agreement to serve as a reviewer. We seek to provide quick feedback on the manuscript fit to the volume, and no more than one revision until a final decision.


Submission deadline

March 31st, 2013

Submission format

A single file including all tables and figures; Microsoft Word format.Please direct questions and submissions to:

Henrich R. Greve
[email protected]

Marc-David L. Seidel
[email protected]

For more information about Research in Sociology of Work please visit the series homepage.