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Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 13 - Immigration, Crime and Justice

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Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 13
Edited by: William F. McDonald, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA
ISBN: 978-1-84855-438-2
Published: April 2009
Format: Hardback, 308 pages
Price: £74.95 US$144.95 €113.95
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The immigration and crime nexus is one of the longest-running foci of popular and scientific concern among criminological topics. With international immigration at an all time high this topic has roared back to the top-the public and the scientific agendas. This time, however, there is a fund of prior studies, a more sophisticated tool kit and new theoretical perspectives with which criminologists are framing the issues and exploring the data. This time it is happening in a globalizing world. Former countries of origin are now countries of destination. Borders are more permeable and transportation more accessible. National borders have been replaced by regional ones. Borders for capital but not for labor have been eliminated. Inequality is driving third world people to the first world and first world people are defending their privileged lives. Immigration controls and crime controls have become intertwined.

This book offers 18 informative chapters written by an international group of leading scholars of immigration, crime and victimization. All dimensions of the immigration and crime nexus are addressed from the traditional concern about the criminality of immigrants to their victimization through domestic violence, human trafficking, and co-ethnic violence to the problems of police relations with immigrants, vigilantes at the border and the impacts on small countries of massive deportation programs.

Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • New takes on an old problematic: an introduction to the immigration, crime and justice nexus


  1. Immigration reduces crime: an emerging scholarly consensus
    Matthew T. Lee and Ramiro Martinez Jr
  2. Immigration and homicide in urban america: what's the connection?
    Charis E. Kubrin and Graham C. Ousey
  3. Paradise lost? New trends in crime and migration in switzerland
    Martin Killias
  4. The “normality” of “second generations” in italy and the importance of legal status: a self-report delinquency study
    Dario Melossi, Alessandro De Giorgi and Ester Massa


  1. Immigrants as authors and victims of crimes: the italian experience
    Marzio Barbagli and Asher Colombo
  2. Immigrants as victims of crime: the australian experience
    Toni Makkai and Natalie Taylor
  3. The smuggling-trafficking nexus and the myths surrounding human trafficking
    Alexis A. Aronowitz
  4. Compounding vulnerabilities: the impact of immigration status and circumstances on battered immigrant women
    Edna Erez and Julie Globokar
  5. Immigrants as crime victims in the european union: with special attention to hate crime
    Jo Goodey
  6. Adding insult to injury: the unintended consequences for immigrants of hate crime legislation
    William F. McDonald


  1. Policing immigrant communities in the united states
    Wesley G. Skogan
  2. Police cooperation in internal enforcement of immigration control: learning from international comparison
    Dita Vogel, William F. McDonald, Bill Jordan, Franck Düvell, Vesela Kovacheva and Bastian Volmer
  3. State and local law enforcement responses to human trafficking: explaining why so few trafficking cases are identified in the united states
    Amy Farrell
  4. On the frontier of local law enforcement: local police and federal immigration law
    Scott H. Decker, Paul G. Lewis, Doris M. Provine and Monica W. Varsanyi


  1. Deportation and reintegration in the caribbean and latin america: addressing the development-security paradox
    Clifford E. Griffin
  2. Securing borders: patriotism, vigilantism and the brutalization of the us american public
    Sang H. Kil, Cecilia Menjivar and Roxanne L. Doty
  3. The criminalization and victimization of immigrants: a critical perspective
    Salvatore Palidda

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