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Concise and practical management articles

In this section we have taken the latest in management thinking and condensed it into concise, easy-to-read articles, designed to help you turn theory into practice.

From our database of over 85,000 articles we handpick the most pertinent issues for today’s manager in order to provide an action-based insight into the world of business.

Jocelyn Davis: Seven leadership actions that accelerate execution

Jocelyn Davis is Executive Vice President for Research and Development at Boston-based Forum Corporation, a workplace learning and management development organization. She also consults with a variety of companies including General Electric, Eli Lilly, Unilever and Microsoft. She writes here about what enables companies to implement their business strategies swiftly and successfully.

The importance of strategic competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) began to make inroads at a few leading-edge US companies such as Motorola and Kellogg back in the mid-1980s. Since then, companies have been investing in personnel, software, and consultants' services to systematically monitor their competitors.

Ethics best practice

The corporate environment is a difficult context for the exercise of moral judgement. When the people whose moral judgement might ultimately determine the ethical character of their companies first come to work, they enter a community whose values will influence their moral judgement. Anyone has to be affected by the economic function of the corporation

Cable and Wireless - snatching it from the jaws of bankruptcy

It's the Journal of Strategy and Management's privilege to interview Sir Richard Lapthorne, who through determination and good management saved Cable and Wireless (C&W) from bankruptcy.

Translating strategy into execution

During his thirty years in organizational development and training, Harold S. Resnick has earned international recognition as a leading authority and innovator in organizational transformation and leadership development. He has consulted with hundreds of private and public sector companies in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Strategic speed

As the pace of global competition increases, most business leaders are concerned about their company?s ability to move fast enough to take advantage of opportunities or counter threats. To understand the impact and growing importance of speed, Forum set out to identify what enables companies to implement their business strategies swiftly and successfully?that is, to achieve strategic speed.

Jumping on the corporate social responsibility bandwagon, or following your own path

Firms' social practices are often driven by pressures to conform, instead of pressures to perform. Even firms that want to be innovative can be forced by stakeholders to adopt passive and imitative behaviour.

The CEO entrepreneur as a core strategic pillar

In the quest for competitive advantage, the fundamental influence of the leader is far more important in shaping a company?s corporate vision and direction than in strategy formulation. When the leader or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is replaced, the strategic focus usually changes, especially when the CEO is an entrepreneurial figurehead.

Art for art's sake - money for business' sake: arts-based learning in business

As the economy stumbles, one of the first things to typically get cut in government spending and school curricula is the arts. Such government policies implicitly suggest that the arts are luxuries we can do without in times of economic downturn. But enlightened and strategic thinking business leaders understand the relationship between the arts and innovation, especially in times of economic downturn.

Closing the gap - leadership in the virtual environment: commentary with Richard Harris & Kate Cowie

Richard Harris is a former Board member and senior officer at the Boston-based Forum Corporation, a global work-place learning company. He is currently a consultant in private practice, advising companies which include Analog Devices, Glaxco, New York Times Company, Royal Dutch shell and United Technologies. Kate Cowie is Founder and Director of The Chaos Game Ltd., a UK-based consultancy practice which specializes in helping organizational leaders implement strategic change solutions in response to rapidly shifting and increasingly chaotic conditions.