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Emerald withdrawal and corrections policy

General principles

Emerald believes in protecting the integrity of its content and the role publishers play in scholarly discussion. Articles and chapters officially published in Emerald titles are considered the "Version of Record", the permanent bibliographic "minutes" of academic research. This Version of Record may not be tampered with, or edited without just cause.

Article withdrawal

Emerald adheres to the principles outlined in the IFLA/IPA Joint Statement on "Retraction or Removal of Journal articles from the Web".

An article or chapter may be removed from the database if it:

  • Infringes professional ethical codes such as the violation of the privacy of a research subject;
  • Is subject to legal dispute;
  • Includes the identification of false or inaccurate data that, if acted upon, would pose a serious health risk.

Where possible (unless subject to legal dispute), Emerald will retain the appropriate bibliographical citation of the removed article. Retracted articles, where possible, will remain electronically accessible, but clearly state that the article has been retracted.

Correction notices

It is inevitable in the course of scholarly discussion that honest errors may be made. Emerald understands that it must strike the balance between preserving the Version of Record and offering transparency for readers.

Emerald may correct the Version of Record where the error renders the article and its research factually incorrect, such as a formula containing an error.

The article accepted is the version that Emerald publishes. Unless otherwise specified, Emerald is unable to include any post-acceptance changes.

It must be noted that all research articles are effectively a "snapshot" of research at a particular moment in time, and that the Version of Record cannot be expected to be updated to reflect changes of circumstance or updated research. The affiliation and author name published on the article should be the affiliation and author name at the time the research was conducted.

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