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Emerald EarlyCite and accepted articles

If you receive the good news that your article has been accepted, we always make sure it is available on Emerald Insight well ahead of the publication date of the volume and issue it appears in.

This ensures your work can start gathering citations and downloads as soon as possible. However, the speed with which your article appears online will depend on your chosen journal’s publishing model.

EarlyCite: If the journal already offers article level publishing (which we are in the process of rolling out), you will benefit from our new EarlyCite option. This means that within an average of just 32 business days from acceptance, your work will be:

  • Typeset
  • Proofed
  • Published online as a Version of Record
  • Available for citing and downloading

EarlyCite articles are still collated into issues in advance of print publication. At this point, the articles move to the table of contents for the compiled issue and are assigned pagination information. The DOI provides a persistent identifier throughout.

Accepted articles: If the journal has yet to adopt article level publishing, a Word document of your article will be uploaded to our Emerald Insight platform around two to three months before the final Version of Record is available. While this Word doc has a DOI and is citable, you may have to wait several months after your submission has been accepted before it appears in accepted articles. Please note: This service has been available since 2008 and was originally known as EarlyCite; we renamed it ‘accepted articles’ in 2017 to bring it in line with industry terminology.

As mentioned, we are in the process of rolling out article level publishing – and the new EarlyCite – to all eligible Emerald titles, and our goal is to have the majority of our journals on board by the end of 2018.