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JIC’s 20th Anniversary: Looking back and looking forward

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Intellectual Capital

The submission portal for this special issue will open January 1, 2020.

Guest Editors:
Veronica Scuotto
University of Turin, Turin, Italy
Leonard de Vinci, Pole Universitaire, Research Center
92 916 Paris La Défense, France;
[email protected]

Leif Edvinsson
New Club of Paris
[email protected]

Merrill Warkentin
Mississippi State University, USA
[email protected]

The Journal of Intellectual Capital Editorial Team is happy to announce the 20th anniversary of the journal, which will be celebrated with a new Special Issue on the evolution of intellectual capital (IC) research from the pure consideration as an intangible asset for an organizational environment to a driver for sustainability and co-value creation. This is also a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the high impact factor 3.7 that the Journal of Intellectual Capital has released this year.

This special issue aims to distinguish the IC term from a strictly accounting subject and moving it closer to the creation and maintenance of IC, which aligns with the management field. Indeed, the concept of intellectual capital was introduced in 1994 along with the knowledge management topic (Serenko et al., 2010) when practitioners were debating about IC more than scholars.

Edinsson (2000) began discussing the perspectives on intangible assets and IC. Petty and Guthrie (2000) emphasized the role of IC in the business level in the knowledge economy. IC is, thus, recognised as an instrument for defining the value creation of a company and its business performance. From 2002, IC commences to be studied with the theme of knowledge management (Mouritsen et al., 2002). Overall, knowledge and IC were examined as relevant intangible assets for contributing to the productivity growth of a company.

McElroy (2002) suggested that companies are becoming more innovative and IC cannot be investigated just as an internal asset, but should be analysed as a collective ability of a company to develop new ideas.  Thus, he introduced the notion of “social innovation capital” (see also Bueno et al., 2004).This has resulted in several studies on IC and innovation (Cuganesan, 2005; Bontis et al., 2009; Inkinen, 2015; Duodu & Rowlinson, 2019), on IC and emerging countries (Jardon and Martos, 2012; Daou et al., 2014), on IC and virtual environment (Zhou and Fink, 2003; Berraies, 2019), on IC and higher education (Pedro et al., 2019; Tjahjadi et al., 2019), and other related topics. Recently, new topics have been suggested such as Intellectual Capital and Corporate Environmentalism; Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital and Entrepreneurial Initiatives; Intellectual Capital in Healthcare; the Security of Intellectual Capital Assets; and Competition Between Human and Artificial Intelligence in the Conditions of Industry 4.0.

Hence, the interest in IC is definitely growing and the JIC Editorial Team believes that new advancements of the research stream of the journal should be continually proposed. Therefore, with the present Special Issue on the 20’s anniversary, new, innovative and well – developed research manuscripts are welcome.

We wish to receive studies, focused on the following themes:

  • Assessment of the History and Trends of JIC and Intellectual Capital Research
  • Future Research Directions in Intellectual Capital Research
  • Intellectual Capital, Firm Evaluation, Organization Studies, and Sustainability
  • Business Research Methods
  • Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Management
  • Securing the Organization's Knowledge and Information
  • Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Learning Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Capital
  • Green Intellectual Capital

Submission Procedure:
Submissions to this special issue must be made through the ScholarOne submission system here:

Visit the author guidelines for the journal for full details:

Ensure that you select this special issue (20’s anniversary) from the relevant dropdown menu on page four of the submission process.

Submission Deadline:
Author submission window opens for submission: January 1st 2020
Author submission deadline: 28th February 2020
Notification to authors of decision: 11th April 2020
Deadline for authors' revisions: 10th June 2020
Notification to authors of decision: 20th July 2020
Deadline for 2nd revisions: 1st September 2020
Final acceptance of papers and wrap up of special issue: 20th December 2020

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