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Customer experience and retention in a multichannel banking context

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Bank Marketing

Nizar Souiden and Riadh Ladhari of University of Laval (Canada)


Submission deadline: 31 March 2020

To increase customers’ interactions, satisfaction, and retention, many firms have gradually integrated online, mobile, and offline services in their offerings. Hence, customers are delighted to have different options and use different channels during the purchase process.  Customers might completely rely on online channels to make a purchase, prefer mobile channels, exclusively use offline channels, or use all of them: online, mobile, and offline channels in a sequential or simultaneous way during the purchase experience. The importance of each channel type (i.e., online, mobile or offline) in the decision process may differ from one customer to another. Since customers increasingly interact with firms through myriad touch points in multichannel contexts, understanding their experience is critical for firms (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016.). The ultimate objective of customer  experience  management  is  to  enhance  relationships  with  customers  and  build  customer  loyalty. Therefore, the aim of this special issue is to develop a strong understanding of customer experience and loyalty in a multichannel banking context. The banking sector is one of the business areas where a multichannel strategy is often considered. Despite its maturation, some customers are either still skeptical about the usefulness of online banking or limit their use to simple operations (e.g., checking account). However, banks offering multichannel services are not necessarily the most profitable ones (Cambra-Fierro et al., 2016). Therefore, the present special issue endeavors to find how banks can fruitfully use their multichannel services to increase customers’ positive experience and reinforce their relationship with them.


-    State-of-the-art and research agenda on customer experience in the multichannel banking context.
-    Business model development integrating online, mobile, and offline channels.
-    Process redesign to improve multichannel information flow and performance.
-    Measure of the effectiveness of multichannels through performance indicators.
-    Development of bank’s value proposition through multichannel models.
-    Transformation of multichannel to omnichannel banking.
-    Multichannel users’ profiles and preferences.
-    Investigation of the multichannel banking context through different perspectives and approaches.
-    Assessment of customer banking experience within and across physical and eService channels.
-    Development of banking customer experience index.

Cambra-Fierro, J., Kamakura, W. A., Melero-Polo, I., & Sese, F. J. (2016). Are multichannel customers really more valuable? An analysis of banking services. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(1): 208-212.
Lemon, K. N., & Verhoef, P.C. (2016). Understanding Customer Experience throughout the Customer Journey. Journal of Marketing, 80(6): 69-96.

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