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Innovation in Educational Technology and Learning Analytics

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Innovation Science

Special Interest Group on Innovation in Education
International Journal of Innovation Science
Special Issue – September 2018
Innovation in Educational Technology and Learning Analytics

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) (, founded in January 2013, now has 1,300+ members in 65+ countries. The IAOIP is dedicated to the proposition that human civilization is at a crossroads where the problems of the world can only be solved through improved innovation. It supports and optionally certifies individuals and organizations that wish to participate in solving these problems.

The International Journal of Innovation Science (IJIS) ( is now in its ninth year of publication and part of the Emerald group, a global publisher managing nearly 300 journals linking research and practice. The growth of both organizations is accelerating, and many IAOIP members serve as senior editors of IJIS.

Over the past decade numerous advances in educational technology and learning analytics have increased the ability of the members of the educational ecosystem to increase student learning and minimize cost. This special issue focuses on innovations and advances in knowledge that will further enhance the productivity of these technologies including, but not limited to, adaptive learning, predictive analytics, digital (summative and formative) assessment, recommender systems, collaboration tools, etc. Other topics of interest include solving ethical issues and dilemmas, learning preferences, motivation, data visualization and protection, the impact of educational support network formation, etc. Of particular interest are papers relating to innovation science methods in education.

Special Issue Submission Process:

This special IJIS issue will pilot test an innovative method for creating and selecting articles for publication in special issues of a professional journal. It improves the focus and quality of papers in the special issue by adding an optional step prior to submission of the paper for blinded-review. Prospective authors are asked to submit an intent-to-publish title and abstract, and indicate if they want optional confidential feedback on how to improve their paper before and while it is being written, and prior to its submission for blinded-review. This is intended to help inexperienced authors prepare an on-topic high-quality paper that will pass a blinded-review for publication in a research journal. In effect this is a double-blind mentoring process that provides confidential feedback from experienced authors and editors who will not become a co-author of the paper.

IJIS Paper Categories:
Original Research:     On-going or completed research
Practitioner:    Applications, case studies, innovative products / services, successful and unsuccessful business models / strategies
Point of View:    On a topic in innovation science or an authoritative presentation (tutorial) on a subject by a recognized authority
Book Review:    Book, paper or article review

Important Dates:
August 21, 2017:    Announcement of the Special Issue and Call for Papers
•    Completed papers may be sent to IJIS for blinded-review
•    An Intent-to-Publish Request may be sent to the Guest Editor

November 15, 2017:    Final Date for Submission of an Intent-to-Publish Request  (OPTIONAL and strongly recommended but NOT required)
An Intent-to-Publish Request must contain the following information:
•    Preliminary title of paper
•    Contact information of the corresponding author
•    Preliminary abstract (up to 200 words)
•    Request for confidential feedback (optional)
Please send your Intent-to-Publish Request to the Guest Editor:
To: [email protected] with Subject: Intent-to-Publish Request

February 15, 2018:    Final Date for Submission of All Papers for IJIS blinded-review

April 15, 2018:    All authors receive an accept/reject/modify decision on IJIS publication

June 1, 2018 :   Final Date for Submission of all Modified Papers

Intent-to-Publish Mentoring Process:   
Each Intent-to-Publish Request will be reviewed based on its relevance to the desired content of the Special Issue (i.e. innovation, innovation science, educational technology, learning analytics, and future impact on education).

A confidential accept/modify decision for possible inclusion in the special issue will be sent to the corresponding author within one month after receiving the request.

Further confidential communications between a corresponding author and their mentor are encouraged and will be blinded through the Guest Editor.

All papers prepared using the Intent-to-Publish Mentoring Process must be submitted for an IJIS blinded-review prior to February 15, 2018 for a final decision on publication.

Author Guidelines:

Submissions to the International Journal of Innovation Science are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. Additional information may be found at:


Final Comments:
Please help by recommending well-known recognized authorities who you would like to prepare a tutorial article on a given subject. We would appreciate the forwarding of this call for papers to other professionals who might be interested in writing an article for this special issue.

Guest Editor:
Joseph Nadan, PhD
IAOIP – Chief Innovation Scientist
Autonomous Professional Development (APD) – President & CEO
NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) – Adjunct Full-Professor
[email protected]