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Climate change, migration and displacement of populations

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

What is this Special Issue about?

Assessing the nature and scale of migration that is directly attributable to climate change in the decades ahead is far from straightforward. The interconnectedness of the various drivers of migration, and the complex interactions of climate change with those drivers, make it difficult to attribute specific environmental impacts.  In the past few decades, potential linkages and implications of climate change on human mobility have taken hold in the literature.  It is becoming clearer that one single factor is rarely a sufficient reason for migrating. Migration causes are usually multi-faceted, with climate change adding to already increasing levels and complexities of population mobility.
In this context, and based on the relevance of the subject even after the Conference of Parties 21 (COP21), Paris, 2015, the goal of this special issue is to collect new studies on climate change, migration and displacement to indicate points of contention, to identify areas where more knowledge is needed and to recommend possible policy-related actions that could be pursued.
The objective is to publish original, high-quality articles that deepen our theoretical and practical understanding on Migration and Climate Change.

Submitted papers may consider the following themes:

  • relationship between climate change and other drivers of migration and displacement
  • different forms of migration influenced by climate change (including rural–urban migration, short-term migration, illegal/irregular migration and displacement)
  • future migration scenarios in relation to projected climate change
  • migration as possible adaptation strategy to climate change
  • recommendations to contribute toward better understanding how to analyze and address the concepts and contexts within “climate change and migration” work
  • global and local problems and/or solutions related to  the “climate change migrant” and “climate change refugees”.

How to Submit:

The closing date for submission of manuscripts is 13 March 2017.  This special issue is scheduled to be published in Autumn 2017.  Author guidelines, including on formats and length limit, must be strictly followed and can be found on the journal web site at:

Submissions to must be through Scholar-One Manuscripts. Registration and access are available at:

Guest Editor:

Franco Salerno,
CNR-IRSA, Italy, 
[email protected]