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Reflections of 10 years of rethinking project management - legacy and future

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Editor - Professor Derek Walker of the Centre for Integrated Project Management Solutions (CIPS), RMIT University

Reflections of 10 years of thinking project management - legacy and future

One paper that is much cited in the project management literature, and one I always urged others to read is the paper about the Rethinking PM research cluster. (Winter, Smith, Morris and Cicmil, 2006). Another valuable literature source I often cite is that related to a wider view of PM is from the Making Projects Critical (Hodgeson and Cicmil, 2006). Both of these are now almost 10 years old! Moreover in 1995 Lundin edited and contributed to a very influential issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Management (Lundin, 1995) reporting on the work of the (then) newly formed IRNOP research group. What a legacy!

This special double issue for IJMPiB 'Reflections of 10 years of rethinking project management - legacy and future' is planned for Issue 3/4 Volume 9 2016 of IJMPiB. IJMPiB was not around when these seminal works came out, now 10 and 21 years ago respectively, but that work influenced me to promote its outcomes in this journal since Volume 1 in 2008 and through my supervision of doctoral completions. It would be appropriate to honour the Rethinking PM, Mkaing Project Critical and the earlier Project Organising research clusters as sources of inspiration for challenging all of us to view PM more broadly than it was predominantly for most of the 20th century. IJMPiB is somewhat a 'child' of that parenthood. The premise of the SI can be visualised as mapped in Figure 1 below.

Map of Researchers' Influence on the Post 2006 PM Research Agenda

Figure 1 - Map of Researchers' Influence on the Post 2006 PM Research Agenda

Invitations to submit papers have already been accepted for 12 papers from leading participants of those three research clusters together with a novel edited email interview and conversation between Peter Morris and Derek Walker. We are now calling for others to contribute to this SI. Our expectations are for a 20 paper double issue in 2016. We already have commitments from the editors of IJMPiB and PMJ for papers that discuss the way that the Rethinking of PM has been influences over since 2006 and how the Scandinavian School of study of temporary organisations and project organising has helped shape and extend how we understand PM as a field of study.

The topics should reflect upon how PM research and practice has been influenced by these research clusters' impact on PM understanding over that past 10 years and where authors contributing to this SI expect any further tipping points in the conception of PM/Project organising. It will provide the opportunity for both philosophical and practical contributions. It is intended that the SI provide an historical view and forward projection of where the field is heading and how it may be seen to have developed in 2026 looking back to these papers published in 2016.

So to summarise:

  1. July to end of November 2015 to submit papers
  2. 1st round reviews can take place in late December and January
  3. February- early March responses back with R1 versions
  4. March/April reviews of R1 versions
  5. Mau submission of R2
  6. Mid May 2015 acceptance or very minor changes
  7. June 2016 off to Emerald ready for typesetting etc. for Issue 3/4 2016


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