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Editor Interviews

Find out what the acknowledged experts in their fields are talking about

What are the current hot topics in your fields of interest, and what are they likely to be in the future? What criteria do editors and reviewers use to select papers? How could you increase your chances of publication and how could you influence the aims and objectives of our journals and book series?

Find out by hearing what our editors have to say. Please note: all job titles are correct at time of publication.

Meet the editor of...Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

Patrick Blessinger is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. He is the founder and executive director of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL), and he is also the co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Meaning-Centered Education. Patrick has a passion for transforming education and learning through interdisciplinary and international collaborations and in academic innovation.

Meet the editor of… Drugs and Alcohol Today

Drugs and Alcohol Today aims to bring readers the best in new thinking on drugs and alcohol practice, in a jargon free and accessible way. It is aimed at anyone interested in drugs and alcohol issues and, in particular, those involved in tackling the problems associated with their misuse.

Meet the editors of... International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies

Caroline Moors interviews Professors John Elliott and Lo Mun Ling, editors of this brand new journal launching in 2012. The International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies (IJLLS) is the official journal of the World Association of Lesson Studies. IJLLS rests on the conviction that there is a need for a journal that will promote an evidence-based and rigorous pedagogical discourse on how to improve the quality of young people's experiences as learners in educational settings.

Meet the editor of... Political Power and Social Theory

Political Power and Social Theory is an annual review committed to advancing the interdisciplinary understanding of the linkages between class relations, political power and historical development. It offers a permanent forum for distinguished scholars who wish to engage with the process of social transformation, and seeks to represent a wide body of comparative and historical scholarship. Series editor, Julian Go discusses the book's mission and his editorial role with Margaret Adolphus.

Meet the editor of... Journal of International Education in Business

The Journal of International Education in Business was launched in 2008 by two Australian academics, Dr Sarbari Bordia at the Australian National University, and Dr Joanna Crossman at the University of South Australia. In 2010 it was acquired by Emerald. The journal is peer reviewed, and provides a forum for the pedagogic, administrative and employment related issues concerning international students in business/management programmes.

Meet the author of... Cultural Differences in a Globalizing World

Michael Minkov teaches cross-cultural awareness and organizational behaviour at the International University College, Sofia and at the University of Sofia. In this interview he shares his vision for the book series and his insights into cultural differences in the modern world.

Meet the editors of... The Student Voice Handbook: Bridging the Academic/Practitioner Divide

The Student Voice Handbook: Bridging the Academic/Practitioner Divide is an edited collection of contributions addressing various aspects of the student voice movement. Including case studies from five continents, this volume locates this debate within wider theoretical and policy perspectives, providing guidance to researchers and practitioners on how to use the student voice within their work. Margaret Adolphus speaks to the editors regarding the books editorial mission and objectives.

Meet the editors of... Handbook of Survey Research

The Handbook of Survey Research is a comprehensive reference work on the most widely used method in the social sciences, exploring developments over the past half century and examining new usages. Edited by Peter V. Marsden (Harvard University) and James D. Wright (University of Central Florida), it updates the first edition, published in 1983.

Meet the editor of... Cutting Edge Technologies in Higher Education

Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education is a book series on emerging technologies and their application to higher education. Covering both teaching and administration, the series explores various aspects of technological innovation in a range of disciplines. Margaret Adolphus talks about the series with its editor, Dr Charles Wankel.

Meet the editors of... Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research

Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research is an exciting new book series edited by Professors Colette Henry and Susan Marlow, and published in collaboration with the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE). Volumes will comprise some of the best research papers submitted to the ISBE annual conference, in addition to invited external expert contributions. Each volume will be designed around a specific theme of importance to the entrepreneurship and small business community, and individual chapters will explore and develop theory and practice in the field.

Meet the editor of...  the International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

Launched in April 2010, and publishing four issues a year, the International Journal of Lean Six Sigma (IJLSS) is the first peer reviewed journal to cover the combined methodologies of lean thinking and Six Sigma, which are widely used in industry. Margaret Adolphus interviews editor, Professor Jiju Antony, about the journal's editorial mission and objectives.

Meet the editors of... the International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment

The new millennium has seen a series of disasters that have increased the degree of uncertainty faced by policymakers, and challenged emergency arrangements. The origins and causes of these disasters have been wide-ranging, but they have reinforced the need to proactively consider disaster risk and increase a community's resilience as a part of the sustainable development agenda. The International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (IJDRBE) is the only journal to promote research and scholarly activity on the role of building and construction to anticipate and respond to unexpected events that damage or destroy the built environment. Editors, Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga and Dr Richard Haigh, talk to Emerald about their vision for the journal.

Meet the editor of... Library Management

Library Management contains peer reviewed articles aimed at academics and senior managers within the library and information services discipline or profession. It tackles a wide range of general management issues such as strategic management, human resources, finance and performance measurement, as well as new technological developments and how to future-proof the profession. Articles are submitted from all over the world and cover a broad range of library sectors – public, academic, specialist, and government. Margaret Adolphus talks to editor, Steve O'Connor.

Meet the editor of... Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

JHTT was newly launched in 2010 and forms part of Emerald's growing tourism and hospitality portfolio. Information and communications technologies (ICT) and systems now form a critical part of all businesses within the sector. This in turn has given rise to a multitude of research in the area, for which the journal seeks to provide a home. In this sense, JHTT is uniquely placed in that it is the only journal developed solely for research in technology and e-business in tourism and hospitality to reside. Margaret Adolphus interviews the editor-in-chief, Dr Cihan Cobanoglu.

Meet the editors of... Journal of Advances in Management Research

The Journal of Advances in Management Research (JAMR) was acquired by Emerald in 2008, from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. JAMR provides a dynamic international forum for exchange of ideas and dissemination of research in all functional areas of management, in both the service and manufacturing sectors. Publishing empirical research, case studies, teaching notes and book reviews, JAMR combines sound methodology with concern for applicability and the improvement of management practice.

Meet the editor of... Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal

The Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (SAMPJ) is a new journal for 2010, the aim of which is to bring together a range of disciplinary perspectives to explore ways of improving social and environmental sustainability. SAMPJ provides a forum for quality research from differing socio-economic and political backgrounds, and is especially concerned with practice and policy implications. It will look at organizations from the private and public sector, and within the public sector, at both governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Meet the editor of... the Journal of Global Responsibility

The Journal of Global Responsibility (JGR) publishes scholarly articles (both theoretical and empirical) around issues of globally responsible and sustainable leadership. It is currently the only journal in the world with such a focus. Margaret Adolphus interviews the editor, Dr Grant Jones, about what inspired him to launch the journal and how he sees it developing over the coming years.

Meet the editors of...  Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research

New for 2010, the Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research (JIABR) will fill the gap created by lack of research outlets for sharia accounting. JIABR will provide a forum for discussion of issues related to Islamic accountancy, and will cover both theory and practice of Islamic accounting, auditing and business practice.

Meet the joint editor of... Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions

Cary Cooper CBE is professor of organizational psychology and health, and pro-vice-chancellor at Lancaster University. He is also a director and founder of Robertson Cooper Ltd. Professor Cooper is recognized as a world-leading expert on stress and is the media's first choice for comment on workplace issues. In this interview he shares his strategic insights and discusses his role as joint series editor of Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Meet the editors of... Advances in Austrian Economics

Margaret Adolphus speaks to Professors Roger Koppl and Steven G. Horwitz about the editorial policy and direction of the book series, Advances in Austrian Economics. The series is dedicated to the rich, central-European tradition of economic thought and research in the social sciences which began with Carl Menger's Principles of Economics, and continued with such important economists as Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek. Since the Second World War, the tradition has mostly been cultivated in the US, although it also provided the basis of post-war economic reforms in Germany. Not as mathematical or model dominated as many other schools, it is open to influences from other disciplines, such as philosophy, sociology, psychology and the cognitive sciences.

Meet the editor of ... Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

Launched in 2009, the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing (JHRM) is the only quarterly, peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality academic research on marketing history and the history of marketing thought. The journal is the culmination of a long period of growing interest in the field. Here, Margaret Adolphus talks to JHRM editor, Professor Brian Jones, about the future direction of the journal and the discipline of historical research in marketing.

Meet the editor of ... International Perspectives on Education and Society

International Perspectives on Education and Society is an annual publication which provides a unique synthesis of the principal developments in and contributions to the field of comparative and international education. Each volume offers an overview and critical examination of the current topics in the field, and includes state-of-the-field reviews, theory-driven syntheses of current scholarship, reports of new empirical research, and critical discussions of major topics. The editor, Professor Alexander W. Wiseman, discusses the series' editorial mission and objectives with Margaret Adolphus.

Meet the editor of... Research on Emotion in Organizations

Research on Emotion in Organizations is a major annual book series publishing empirical and conceptual contributions in an area which, having been ignored for much of the previous century, is currently generating a torrent of new research. Series editor, Professor Neal Ashkanasy tells us about the history of the series and his plans for it in the future.

Meet the editor of... Journal of Place Management and Development

The Journal of Place Management and Development was launched in 2008, in partnership with the Institute of Place Management, the international professional body that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better. Margaret Adolphus talks to the editor, Professor Cathy Parker, development director of the Institute of Place Management (to which she is seconded), and professor of marketing and retail enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, about the journal

Meet the editor of... Advances in Strategic Management

Advances in Strategic Management is a major book series dedicated to new research that advances theory and practice in the field of strategic management. One multi-authored volume is published every year, offering in-depth exploration of a particular topic: the volumes consolidate research streams, addresses significant current theoretical and practical problems, and explore promising new research directions. In this interview, Margaret Adolphus talks to series editor, Professor Joel Baum.

Meet the editors of... Indian Growth and Development Review

Launched in 2008, the goal of Indian Growth and Development Review is to be an international journal in the field of development and growth economics. It is edited by Professor Satya P. Das and Professor Chetan Ghate who are both based at the Indian Statistical Institute in New Delhi, which is a centre of excellence in the field of in economics, mathematics and statistics research. Professors Das and Ghate talk to Margaret Adolphus about their plans for the journal.

Meet the editor of... the Social Enterprise Journal

Bob Doherty teaches international business ethics, corporate social responsibility, relationship marketing and the social economy at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University. Prior to entering academia in 2004, he was the first head of sales and marketing at the Fairtrade Social Enterprise, Divine Chocolate Ltd. He has also worked in the global animal health industry. He has researched extensively on Fairtrade business models and its impact on the UK food industry, and has just completed a three-year study, commissioned by the Department for International Development, on the impact of Divine Chocolate on the UK confectionery industry.

Meet the editors of... the Journal of Strategy and Management

The Journal of Strategy and Management is a newly launched journal dedicated to improving understanding of strategy development and implementation. Global in outlook, and dealing with both private and public organizations, it tries to encourage new thinking and innovative approaches. It is also concerned with the practical implications of strategy and offers executives insights based on research, while encouraging dialogue between researchers and practitioners. Margaret Adolphus discusses the journal with editors, Professor Abby Ghobadian and Professor Nicholas O'Regan.

Meet the editor of... the Baltic Journal of Management

Situated at a crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltic region is well equipped to understand two different traditions of management, in practice and research. With this in mind, Emerald acquired the Baltic Journal of Management (BJM) in January 2006. BJM was developed in partnership with the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA), and not only publishes research about the Baltic States by Baltic researchers, but also promotes dialogue between researchers from East and West by encouraging comparative studies. It welcomes articles with an interdisciplinary and international focus, and aims at a readership of both researcher and practitioner. Here, Margaret Adolphus discusses the journal's mission and background with the editor, Dr Asta Pundziene.

Meet the editors of... EuroMed Journal of Business

The EuroMed Journal of Business (EuroMed) aims to stimulate debate and provide fresh thinking on all sectors and topics in business in the European-Mediterranean region. It was started by academics from the University of Nicosia, then Intercollege, in 2006, and acquired by Emerald in 2007.

Meet the editors of... critical perspectives on international business

critical perspectives on international business was founded in 2005 to provide a vehicle for academic discussion of issues that were being aired in the more popular media by authors such as George Monbiot and Naomi Klein. It publishes material that engages critically with the broad field of international business, on such issues as globalization, production and consumption, economic change, societal change, politics and power of organizations and governments, environment, etc. Particularly, the journal aims to stimulate debate at a multidisciplinary level and publishes refereed academic papers, position papers and review articles.

Meet the editor of... Strategy & Leadership

Strategy & Leadership is a bi-monthly publication aimed at senior managers and organizational leaders who want to stay abreast of the latest strategic management theories, strategies, tools and best practices. The publication takes pride in publishing "authoritative comment from the world's leading experts in corporate strategy and strategic management ... the thoughts, advice and analysis of some of the world's current revolutionary thinkers". Its articles focus on leadership issues for those responsible for making and communicating organizational and business unit strategy.

Meet the editor of... Leadership & Organization Development Journal

The Leadership & Organization Development Journal (LODJ) covers topics – Leadership Studies – currently enjoying a boom in interest at the current time. This is indicated by its average monthly download figure, which makes it Emerald's fourth ranked journal in terms of usage. Now in its 26th year, it is one of the top journals in the field of human resources and organizational behaviour. It differs from the Journal of Organization and Change Management in that the latter is more specifically about organizational change.

Meet the editor of... Journal of Organizational Change Management

Journal of Organization and Change Management is concerned with organizational change, and offers detailed analysis and discussion on the philosophies and practices that underpin it. International and interdisciplinary, it is recognized as one of the leading peer reviewed journals in the field. Its mission is to manage change positively and build "more promising futures for the societies and organizations of tomorrow" by analysing new approaches and research theories.

Meet the editor of... Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing was launched in 1986 as a specialist journal in the field of business and industrial marketing. Currently internationally regarded as a leading publication in its field, it attracts big name authors, such as Shelby Hunt, George Day, Christian Grönroos and Evert Gummeson. Its focus is on business-to-business marketing. Coverage includes distribution channels, new product development, the buying culture, relationship marketing and the salesforce.

Meet the editors of... Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ) is an academic accounting and management research journal that publishes papers on the interaction between accounting and auditing on the one hand and their institutional, socio-economic, political and historical environment on the other. Internationally regarded as one of the leading journals in its field, it enjoys two of Emerald's most hard working and effective editors, with high profile reputations and far reaching vision.

Meet the editor of... International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing

Health care is one of the most critical areas of today's world, with almost every country experiencing a gap between need and available resources. Yet the scholarly output in the related field of marketing is small. For this reason, Emerald launched in 2007 the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing (IJPHM) as a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal dedicated to advancing our theoretical and empirical understanding of marketing pharmaceutical products and health care services.

Meet the editor of... European Business Review

European Business Review (EBR) publishes in the field of general management, and aims to be thought-provoking, insightful, accessible and relevant to a wide readership which includes both business and academia. Its articles span the key disciplines – management, leadership, marketing, logistics, strategy, quality management, entrepreneurship, business ethics, international business, operations management, manufacturing, accounting and finance – and are on topics of broad appeal to international business.

Meet the editors of... Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management

Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management (QRAM) was started in 2003 to provide a platform for qualitative research, which is making an increasing contribution in this field, as people realize the value of the rich descriptive data that it produces. Interdisciplinary and international, QRAM welcomes qualitative research that: is academically rigorous and tells interesting stories; advances theoretical understanding of qualitative research and looks at it against different paradigms; and has clear practical implications.

Meet the editor of... the Human Resource Management International Digest

Human Resource Management International Digest provides case studies of leading-edge HR practice in some of the world's best known companies. It also reviews some of the most topical and interesting HR articles from around 400 top management journals. In addition, it contains interviews with HR gurus, viewpoint pieces from important figures in the industry, legal updates from a UK employment law specialist, book reviews and a round-up of HR websites and forthcoming HR events. Among the topics most commonly covered are HR strategy, managing employees in mergers and acquisitions, recruitment policies, succession planning, employee retention strategies, managing change, leadership and employee development.

Meet the editor of... Journal of Property Investment & Finance

Journal of Property Investment & Finance (JPIF) aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to property valuation and investment. Real estate is the world's biggest business, accounting for 15 per cent of global GDP, and with an asset value higher than that of equities. The journal also explores the interface between academic research and practical application by disseminating new research findings alongside articles related to everyday professional practice.

Meet the editors of... International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance

The International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance (IJHCQA) is concerned with the management of service quality in health care organizations worldwide. It plugs a gap in the literature for an international and interdisciplinary journal covering theoretical and practical aspects of quality, management and continuous improvement of service. In an industry beleaguered by administrative, staffing and financial difficulties, quality standards are notoriously difficult to achieve, so a journal offering practical, research-based guidance is a much-needed resource.

Meet the editor of...  Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (APJML) had its first issue under that title at the beginning of 2006, the fruit of a merger between two journals, the Journal of Asia Pacific Marketing and Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, retaining the name of the second journal. The intention was to create a forum for an in-depth understanding of the trends and developments, recognizing the dynamic impact of Asian Pacific marketing and logistics in the international arena.

Meet the editor of...  Benchmarking: An International Journal

Benchmarking: An International Journal (BIJ) is the first journal devoted to the topic of measuring business processes against best practice. As a management tool, benchmarking has attracted considerable interest; BIJ provides case studies of the techniques, practical guidance and context so that companies can make an informed decisions not only as to the type of benchmarking, but whether benchmarking is right for them. The journal is peer reviewed with a distinguished editorial board, and is aimed at those working at a senior level in quality assurance.

Meet the editor of... Society and Business Review

Society and Business Review (SBR) was launched by Emerald at the beginning of 2006, and is devoted to issues around the social impact of business, and the way society and business interact. Intended as an international forum for the sharing of ideas, it welcomes articles which are the fruit of academic research but which also have practical applications. The first issue contains articles looking at theories of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory, and the role of humanism in organizations.

Meet the editor of...  Journal of Technology Management in China

The Journal of Technology Management in China is an international journal which focuses on technology management and knowledge transfer in the world's fastest growing economy. The journal is aimed at both researchers and practising managers with an interest in the area, and attempts to increase understanding by publishing research and good practice. It seeks to promote critical discussion on the nature and process of technology management and knowledge transfer that is academically rigorous, multidisciplinary and with a global reach.

Meet the editor of... the International Journal of Public Sector Management

The International Journal of Public Sector Management (IJPSM) focuses on the issues affecting public sector managers all over the world: how to deliver even more effective services with ever dwindling resources. It covers all aspects of public sector management and draws on topics and case studies from all over the world (from developed and emerging nations alike) and provides research-based analysis that has tangible practical application.

Meet the editor of... info

info is a bi-monthly international journal concerned with the emerging tele-information economy and in particular with its economic, social, political and regulatory aspects. Covering such issues as e-commerce, information access, governance in the digital age, effective competition, self regulation and wired and wireless networks, it acts as a forum for information and debate on business and policy issues generated by the fast-moving telecommunications, information and media industries, looking at these issues from policy and management perspectives.

Meet the editor of... British Food Journal

British Food Journal (BFJ) covers a wide range of food issues including the microbiology of food safety through to nutrition, food production and marketing, supply chain management, consumer perceptions, health education and many other food related topics. Interdisciplinary and international, it aims to provide research that is both academic and applied, in a form that is accessible to a wide range of audiences. Now in its 107th year, it is one of the oldest and longest established of all Emerald journals.