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Bridging the gap between research, its practical application and relevance in the world today

Icon: Leadership.


With great leaders and great teams, amazing things can happen. Discover theories, processes and models to help managers, aspiring managers, and businesses succeed.

Icon: Strategy & Growth.


Explore research on branding, entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour and much more, ideal for organizations who want to remain relevant, innovative and competitive within an ever-changing market.

Icon: Work Culture.


A positive and inclusive workplace can transform an organization for the better. Read our research on learning at work, the impact of generation Z, and important issues in equality and diversity, to give you the tools to drive change in the workplace.

Icon: Innovation & Technology.


New developments in technology and innovation impact the way we live, learn and work. Keep up to date on robotics, 3D printing, big data and much more.

Icon: Wellbeing


Health is the new wealth. Explore our research on stress, work life balance, mindfulness, and how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Icon: World events & current affairs


Explore our research on world events and current affairs, from race, gender and equality, to disaster relief and combating terrorism.

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