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Series cover: Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

ISSN: 2048-0458

Editor: Evan Ortlieb and Earl H. Cheek, Jr.
Subject: Education (view other series in this subject area)Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index logo. Scopus logo.
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Information Page

LRPE video.


Dr. Erica Bowers introduces Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Aims and Scope

The international need for literacy research is as high as ever, as literacy skills serve as a foundation to learning. New research in literacy must address hot topics- some of which have limited amounts of previous research while maintaining high degrees of validity, reliability, and applicability. Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation will address these concerns with vigorous research and ample instructional techniques.

Each volume will address a contemporary topic that is of particular importance such as comprehension, response to intervention, and assessment related to literacy education.

Upcoming Volume

Volume 9, Best Practice for Teaching Digital Literacies

Teacher education programs remain ill equipped to adequately prepare teaching professionals with the pedagogies to foster digital literacies. What is needed is a transformation of best practices towards teaching digital literacies so that teachers can meet the emerging needs of their students in today’s classrooms. This volume aims to provide a research-based practical framework for teacher education programs to develop K-12 students’ digital literacies, providing a set of best practices in teaching digital literacies that promotes access to research-based pedagogies for immediate implementation in their classrooms.

Past Volumes
Praise for Volume 1

"Ortlieb and Cheek’s (Eds.), (2012) new book, Using Informative Assessment Toward Effective Literacy Instruction, is a practical guide for school-based and university-based educators to consult when looking for a book that explains the why’s of literacy assessment, the selection of assessments, and the connections between the use of literacy assessments and literacy instruction. Written in an accessible voice and style, this book is destined to become a desk reference for practicing educators around the nation and globe…a real keeper!"

– D. Ray Reutzel, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education, University of Wyoming

The following influential scholars have published their research in LRPE

P.David Pearson, Camille Blachowicz, Linda Gambrell, Lea McGee, Tim Rasinski, Ula Manzo, Robert Calfee, Jerry Johns, and Victoria Risko.

Editorial Review Board

Sakil Malik, Ph.D
Director of Global Affairs, International Reading Association, Washington, D.C.
Greg Brooks, Ph.D.
Research Director, Sheffield arm of the National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NRDC), The University of Sheffield, UK
Janet Condy, Ph.D
Chair of International Development Committee, International Reading Association, Cape Town, South Africa
Pehr-Olof Ronnholm, Ph.D.
Chair of the International Development Coordinating Committee of the International Reading Association, Pargas, Finland
Gerry Shiel, Ph.D.
Chair of the Federation of European Literacy Associations, representing 29 European countries, Education Research Centre @ St. Patrick’s College, Dublin, Ireland
Henrietta Dombey, Ph.D
Emeritus Professor of Literacy in Primary Education, University of Brighton, Falmer, Brighton
Renate Valtin, Ph.D
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Ulla-Britt Persson, Ph.D.
Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
Zhenyou Yu, Ph.D.
China Women’s University, Beijing, China
Alon Shlomo, Ph.D
Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Ministry of Education, Israel
Lucia Lu, Ph.D.
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Carol Christensen, Ph.D.
Director of Post Graduate Course Work, University of Queensland, Australia
Simona Elena Bernat, Ph.D.
Chair of Adolescent & Adult Literacy Area of European Literacy Association, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Lane Gauthier, Ph.D.
University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, USA
Gina Doepker, Ph.D.
Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA, USA
Barbara Marinak, Ph.D.
Mount Saint Mary's University, Emittsburg, Maryland
Linda Eilers, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, USA
Emma Schorzman, Ph.D.
University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA
Jill Allor, Ph.D.
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA
Debbie Rickards, Ph.D.
Caddo Parish School System, Shreveport, LA, USA
Frances Steward, Ph.D.
Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, USA
Jimmy D. Lindsey, Ph.D.
Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Editorial Team

Series Editor
Evan Ortlieb
St John's University

Series Editor
Earl H. Cheek, Jr.
Louisiana State University

Kimberley Chadwick

Publication ethics

This publication adopts the Emerald Publication Ethics guidelines which fully support the development of, and practical application of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community.