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Emerald Literati Awards

Celebrating high quality scholarly research

The Emerald Literati Awards, which include the Awards for Excellence and Citations of Excellence, are now in their 25th year and were established to celebrate and reward the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers to scholarly research.

The criteria used to judge the awards are based on six areas that inform the development of our products: internationality; diversity; support for scholarly research; encouragement of applied research (impact); commitment to high quality scholarship; and a desire to ensure reader, author and customer experience is the best it can be.

Awards for Excellence

The Awards for Excellence fall into the following categories.


Outstanding & highly commended papers


  • Outstanding Papers form the backbone of the Awards for Excellence. The Editorial Board of each journal is invited to choose a winning paper and three others that deserve a highly commended award from the previous year’s volume.

  • As these awards are chosen by eminent academics or managers, the winning authors receive the prestige of it being recognized that theirs is one of the most impressive pieces of work the judges have seen throughout the past year.

Click on the image below to see the full Outstanding Paper Awards infographic

Image: Choosing the winners of the Outstanding Paper Awards infographic.

Outstanding reviewers


  • Peer reviewers are the guardians of the body of knowledge. It is their responsibility to ensure that every published paper makes a genuine contribution to that academic field. At Emerald we are passionate about recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our authors and editors and celebrating the outstanding contributions many have made to the peer-review process.

  • This award recognizes that, without the efforts and dedication of our reviewers, Emerald journals would not have the right to be called scholarly.

Click on the image below to see the full Outstanding Reviewer Awards infographic

Image: Choosing the winners of the Outstanding Reviewer Awards infographic.

Books series

Outstanding author contributions


  • This initiative is to reward those authors who have contributed something new and of significant value to the body of knowledge, either in terms of approach or subject matter.

  • Editors are asked to nominate one chapter per volume to receive an award. The winning authors are then awarded with a certificate to represent their achievement.

Click on the image below to see the full Outstanding Author Contribution Awards infographic

Image: Choosing the winners of the Outstanding Author Contribution Awards infographic.

Citations of Excellence

Each year, Emerald award certificates to highly cited papers relating to the areas of:

  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing

Emerald has extensive research in these areas and has published journals in these subject areas for nearly 50 years.

These awards are presented to highly cited papers from all publishers - not just Emerald. The selections are made by our own editorial experts, and are based initially on the citations being given to papers published in a previous year. Our judges also take into account the content of the papers themselves in terms of novelty, inter-disciplinary interest and relevancy in today’s world. While high academic and research standards are a pre-requisite, these selections are of course ultimately subjective, but they are also a reflection of the high quality of work published in a previous year.

Results for 2018

See also our archive of winners from previous years.

Winners' gallery

See the pictures of winners receiving their awards at conferences and institutions around the world over the past 10 years. View the gallery.

Author interview: Awad Elsayed Awad Ibrahim

Image: Awad Elsayed Awad Ibrahim.The Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence celebrate and reward the outstanding contributions of our authors.

Read an interview with Awad Elsayed Awad Ibrahim who has been awarded an Outstanding Paper Award for his research "Economic growth and cost stickiness: evidence from Egypt."

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