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Web-based tutorials to help you get the most out of your
Emerald subscription


View Emerald's extensive list of tutorials to help you get the most out of the Emerald research platform. To view these in your preferred language, select the flag of your choice to start watching the tutorial.

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Activate a token

If you have received an access token code, view this tutorial on how to activate it.

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Advanced search

Find out about the advanced search functionality of the Emerald research platform.

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Learn the basics of how to browse through Emerald's vast content.

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Download an article

Find out about the options available when downloading an Emerald article or chapter.

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Download and track citation

Take a look at how you can track and download citations with this tutorial guiding you through the process.

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A quick tutorial to help familiarize yourself with the Emerald homepage.

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Login and registration

To view any content on the Emerald research platform you must register and login. This tutorial will show you what is needed.

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Marked list

Learn how to use your marked list to its full potential.

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Mobile pairing

See how you can pair your mobile device with the website for your ease and convenience.

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My Account

Take a look at the features available within the "My Account" area.

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Learn the basics of searching in this handy tutorial.