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2018 Emerald/CLADEA Management Research Fund Award

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winners photo"... we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Emerald ... and their esteemed judging panel."

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Emerald Publishing in partnership with the Consejo Latinoamericano de Escuela de Administración – CLADEA is promoting the 2018 Emerald/CLADEA Management Research Fund Award.

The aim is to encourage the development of research projects in Business, Management & Administration.

Award prize

The best research project proposal will receive USD$2,500.

Research project proposal guidelines

The research project proposal must have a specific orientation toward the reality and welfare of Latin America and/or Caribbean, contain and follow the guidelines below:

The research project proposal must contain the following:

  • Cover letter - including institution / affiliation, address, telephone number and / or e-mail of all the researchers involved in the project proposal
  • Summary stating specific research aim and motivation, expected outcomes, relevance and benefits of the research
  • Propositions or hypotheses to be tested
  • A theoretical framework and the methodology to be used including a clear description of the research stages
  • Brief literature review that supports the theoretical framework and the methodology
  • Expected impact and results and possible applications
  • Schedule
  • Budget and funding sources (if applicable)
  • At least 10 current bibliographic references, including relevant literature from Latin America. Bibliographic references must be in Harvard style.
  • Maximum of 4,000 words - tables notes, figures, appendices and references will not be included in the word count
  • Project proposals must be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Except for the abstract and keywords that must be written in English.


As the research project proposals will be evaluated through a blind- review process, you must NOT include the name of the author (s) of the institution in any part of the research project proposal, under penalty of exclusion. This information should be included ONLY in the Cover Letter.


  • The research project proposal is not considered as a paper and it will not be published by Emerald. Final papers must be submitted to a specific journal and they will be evaluated through the current Emerald editorial process.
  • We won’t provide a project proposal template.
  • The judges won’t provide any feedback about the research project proposals.


  • A project proposal must be submitted by one (1) author or by one (1) research group affiliated to at least one (1) institution based in Latin America or Caribbean
  • If not affiliated to any institution based in Latin America or Caribbean, the main author must have a Latin American or Caribbean nationality.
  • Each author or research group may submit ONLY one (1) project proposal
Project proposals will be accepted in the areas of:  administration; accounting and finance; environmental compliance; business, ethics and law; economy; entrepreneurship and innovation; health/health management; human resources management; industrial management and public sector, management of information and knowledge; international trade; learning and development; management science/management studies; quality of management; marketing; operations management and logistics; organizational studies, management and measurement of performance; regional management studies and strategy.

The project proposal that does not meet one or more of this set of requirements will be automatically excluded from the selection process.

Evaluation criteria

  • Originality and relevance of the research
  • Clarity and consistency in the presentation of the research object and problem, meeting the formal
  • Literature review including theoretical framework and appropriate methodology to the research object
  • Link between theory and practice
  • Project proposal alignment with Latin America and/or Caribbean reality and welfare
  • Reasonability of budget and schedule presented, in line with the objectives presented in the proposal requirements of scientific language
  • Current bibliographic references in Harvard style

Key dates

  • Submissions: until 09 July 2018 – project proposals submissions will be accepted until 11: 59 p.m. UTC – 3.
  • Results: 17 September 2018
  • Awards delivery: During the 2018 CLADEA Annual Assembly from 7th -9th October 2018 in San José – Costa Rica

Note: Submissions received after the deadline is finished will be automatically excluded from the selection process.

Apply now!

To submit your project proposal, please complete the online submissions form.

More information

Please contact our team in Latin America for any queries about this award: | +55 (11) 2371.8101