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Emerald journal news

Emerald is pleased to be exhibited at the 25th International EurOMA conference

We are delighted to invite you to the 25th International EurOMA Conference in Budapest, Hungary, 24-26 June 2018. The conference will be hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Széchenyi István University, and the Institute for Computer Science and Control (Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

The theme of EurOMA 2018 is:

"To Serve, to Produce and to Servitize in the Era of Networks,
Big Data, and Analytics.”

This theme aims at fulfilling EurOMA’s vision in the new era of networks, big data, and advanced data analytics by giving theory-based, practically relevant, generalizable and innovative answers to current and emerging issues in services, manufacturing and capability development (that is servitization, at its core). We also intend to broaden EurOMA’s base in by highlighting the interfaces between operations management – engineering and operations management – data analytics, by securing organizational commitments from reputable academic and industrial partners and, lastly, by placing the conference, after 13 years, again in the centre of Europe, in the inspiring environment of Hungarian history and culture.

The conference will be preceded by the EurOMA Doctoral Seminar, the EurOMA Publishing Workshop, and the EurOMA Young Scholars’ Workshop.

Please visit the EUROMA 2018 website for more information and registration:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Budapest!

Gyula Vastag
Széchenyi University

Tamás Koltai

László Monostori