eBook Series

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Bringing together over 1,600 volumes and more than 140 book series in two key fields, eBook Series collections combine breadth of content with the ease of electronic access.

Commissioned from leading academics and authors, Emerald’s book series feature cutting-edge, high quality, international research across a variety of subject areas.

These titles provide more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of a subject area than found in academic journals, making them an essential resource for students, researchers and industry. They allow a full analysis and commentary on a topical subject area and can be used for informing further research or teaching.

More than one in four of Scopus' Business, Management and Accounting book series titles are published by Emerald, reinforcing Emerald’s position as the world’s leading publisher in business and management. Emerald offers two eBook Series collections as follows:

Business, Management & Economics – this is a growing collection of more than 1,050 volumes from over 90 eBook Series titles.  Demonstrating measurable research impact, 80% of series in this collection are indexed in Scopus whilst 84% of series in the backlist collection have one or more volumes indexed in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index (BKCI).

Social Sciences – this comprehensive collection gives online access to more than 550 volumes from over 50 book series titles. A quarter of Scopus' Social Sciences book series titles are published by Emerald, demonstrating the strength of this portfolio. The collection also features prominently in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index (BKCI) where 70% of series in the backlist have one or more volumes indexed.

Example volume titles

Markets on Trial: The Economic Sociology of the US Financial Crisis

Image: Research in the Sociology of Organizations.From Research in the Sociology of Organizations, vol. 30.

“…this title makes a compelling case for seeing the subprime mortgage disaster, Lehman failure, and financial meltdown as predictable – and thus avoidable…” – Michael Useem, Professor of Management & Director of the Center for Leadership & Change, University of Pennsylvania.

Government Secrecy

Image: Research in Social Problems and Public Policy. From Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, vol. 19.

Drawing on highly topical subjects including the BP gulf oil disaster, conspiracy theories and secrecy in the Obama administration, this volume examines government concealment and its consequences.

Special Issue – Marketing Legends

Image: Review of Marketing Research. From Review of Marketing Research, vol. 8.

In this outstanding volume, various marketing legends including Philip Kotler, Naresh K Malhotra, V Kumar and Jagdish M Sheth summarize their research and the salient aspects of their academic life journeys.