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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Author Contributions

Book series index

Advanced Series in Management

You Might be Reputable but are you "Liked"? Orchestrating Corporate Reputation Co-Creation on Facebook
Anna K. Zarkada, Christina Polydorou
Book volume 11

Perceptions of Unreported Economic Activities in Baltic Firms: Individualistic and Non-individualistic Motives
Jaanika Meriküll, Tairi Rõõm, Karsten Staehr
Book volume 10

Integration of Social Media in Recruitment: A Delphi Study
Aurélie Girard, Bernard Fallery, Florence Rodhain
Book volume 12

Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research

The Relative Effects of Identifying Versus Investigating Fraud Risks on Evaluators' Assessments of Auditor Liability
Andrew Reffett
Book volume 16

Advances in Accounting Education

The Impact of Diversity on Approaches to Learning and Assessment Preferences of Intermediate Accounting Students
Susan A. Lynn
Book volume 14

Advances in Appreciative Inquiry

The Process of Generative Inquiry
Danielle P. Zandee
Book volume 4

Advances in Business and Management Forecasting

Applying Technology Forecasting to New Product Development Target Setting of LCD Panels
Dong-Joon Lim, Neil Runde, Timothy R. Anderson
Book volume 9

Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing

How Do Managers See It? Capturing Practitioner Theories Via Network Pictures
Carla Ramos, David Ford
Book volume 20

Advances in Econometrics

A Test for Monotone Comparative Statics
Federico Echenique, Ivana Komunjer
Book volume 31

Panel Vector Autoregressive Models: A Survey
Fabio Canova, Matteo Ciccarelli
Book volume 32

Advances in Educational Administration

Moral Conflicts of Mexican Public School Principals in Political Context: Loyalties and Consequences
Cecilia Fierro, Ruth Paradise
Book volume 19

Easing the Tension: Considerations for Aligning Charter Law with Federal Regulations for Students with Special Needs
Hoaihuong "Orletta" Nguyen
Book volume 18

Teaching for Service Learning and Community Leadership in the United Arab Emirates
Marilyn R. Davis, Aysha Abdulla Hassan Ali Hassan
Book volume 20

Advances in Financial Economics

Human and Social Capital in the Labor Market for Directors
George D. Cashman, Stuart L. Gillan, Ryan J. Whitby
Book volume 16

Advances in Gender Research

Invisible Lives, Silenced Violence: Transphobic Gender Violence in Global Perspective
Daniela Jauk
Book volume 18 Part A

Examining Status Discrepant Marriages and Marital Quality at the Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class
Tracey A. LaPierre, Shirley A. Hill
Book volume 17

Advances in Health Care Management

Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Physicians: A Tale of Two Tails
Lawton Robert Burns, Jeff C. Goldsmith, Aditi Sen
Book volume 15

Exploring Interpersonal Behavior and Team Sensemaking During Health Information Technology Implementation
Rebecca R. Kitzmiller, Reuben R. McDaniel, Constance M. Johnson, E.Allan Lind, Ruth A. Anderson
Book volume 14

Advances in Hospitality and Leisure

Staging Natural Environments: A Performance Perspective
Line Mathisen
Book volume 9

Advances in International Management

Inherited Philosophy of Science? Economics and International Business Research
Asmund Rygh
Book volume 256

Advances in Librarianship

Creating Shared Back-Office Services in a National Library
Darryl Mead, Steve Homer
Book volume 37

Characteristics of Collaborative Partnerships in Library Technology and Web Service Initiatives: Emergent Patterns and Lessons Learned
David A. Jank
Book volume 36

Advances in Mergers & Acquisitions

Customer Roles in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Systematic Literature Review
Christina Öberg
Book volume 12

Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology

Job Crafting and Cultivating Positive Meaning and Identity in Work
Amy Wrzesniewski, Nicholas LoBuglio, Jane E. Dutton, Justin M. Berg
Book volume 1

Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education

Exploring the Relationship Between Academic Self-Regulation and Educational Outcomes among African American Male Education Majors
Lamont A. Flowers
Book volume 1

Advances in Research on Teaching

The Demand of Multiplicity in the Classroom: Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Load
Melissa Newberry
Book volume 18

From Teacher Knowledge to Teacher Learning in Community: Transformations of Theory and Practice
Freema Elbaz-Luwisch, Lily Orland-Barak
Book volume 19

Advances in Special Education

Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities
Carrie Anna Courtad, Emily C. Bouck
Book volume 25

Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms

Can Group-Incentives Without Participation Survive the Free-Rider Problem? A View from the Lab
Philip Mellizo
Book volume 14

Applications of Management Science

Using DEA to Select the Best Advertising Investment Plan
Feng Yang, Qianqian Yuan, Zhimin Huang, Liang Liang
Book volume 16

Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management

The Interplay between Collective Action, Individual Strategies and State Intervention in Mitigating Flood Disasters in the Uplands of North Thailand and Northwest Vietnam
Andreas Neef, Peter Elstner, Iven Schad
Book volume 14

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research

We are Both her Mothers and I want the World to know that: Parent Term Selection Among Lesbian Co-parents with Children Conceived Through Donor Insemination
Rafael J. Colonna
Book volume 7

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Debt and Peace in Post-Conflict Countries
Fabrizio Carmignani
Book volume 20 Part 2

Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability

Organizing the Collective Action of Institutional Investors: Three Case Studies from the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative
Jean-Pascal Gond, Valeria Piani
Book volume 5

Current Perspectives in Social Theory

Charisma Disenchanted: Max Weber and His Critics
David Norman Smith
Book volume 31

Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education

Promoting Engagement Through a Student-Built Digital Atlas of Maori Studies
O.Ripeka Mercier, Sarsha-Leigh Douglas, Bruce McFadgen, Meegan Hall, Peter Adds, Maria Bargh, Tahu Wilson
Book volume 6 Part F

Mediated Discourse in Higher Ed Classrooms Using Text Messaging
Binod Sundararajan, Lorn Sheehan, Sarah Gilbert
Book volume 6 Part E

Engaging Entrepreneurs with a Blended Problem-based Learning Degree Programme
Patrick Lynch, Mary T. Holden, Anthony Foley, Denis Harrington, Jennifer Hussey
Book volume 6 Part G

Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility

CSR Trends in the Top 100 US Business Schools: A Theory-Practice Relationship
Lina M. Gomez, Lucely Vargas Preciado
Book volume 4

Corporate Risks and Responsibilities in Low Carbon Economy
Wang Hong
Book volume 5

Dialogues in Critical Management Studies

What is to be Done?' CMS as a Political Party
Martin Parker
Book volume 2

International Perspectives on Education and Society

The Impact of Public Sector Entrepreneurship In International Education on Skilled Migration
Radu Daniel Prelipcean, Mir Nazmul Islam, Andrea Peebles, Thomas Barakat, Jianming Yao
Book volume 23

Rethinking Agency in University Development: The Case of the Association of African Universities
Ane Turner Johnson
Book volume 21

Private Sector Engagement in Education Worldwide: Conceptual and Critical Challenges
Francine Menashy
Book volume 20

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Embracing Complexity: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Learning in Intervention Settings
Katherine K. Frankel, Elizabeth L. Jaeger, P.David Pearson
Book volume 3

Providing a "Pocket Tutor": Enhancing Metacognition through Podcasted Comprehension Prompts
Erica Bowers, Ula Manzo, Ann Tarantine, Melissa Base
Book volume 2

Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness

Using Trans-Organizational Development and Complexity Theory Frameworks to Establish a New Early Childhood Education Network
Gary Mangiofico
Book volume 3

Political Power and Social Theory

Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice
Claire Laurier Decoteau
Book volume 24

Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies

The Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Loss Avoidance in Turkey
Secil Varan, Cagnur Kaytmaz Balsari
Book volume 13

Research in Consumer Behavior

The Visual Politics of U.S. Gun Culture
Terrence H. Witkowski
Book volume 15

Research in Economic Anthropology

Baias, Bisnis, and Betel Nut: The place of Traders in the Making of a Melanesian Market
Timothy L.M. Sharp
Book volume 33

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

Exemplarity as Commitment to the Self: Insights from Spiritual Healers
Cécile Rozuel
Book volume 10

Research in Finance

Negative Pricing in U.S. Electric Power Production and Distribution
Kevin Jones
Book volume 29

Research in Labor Economics

Do Chinese Employers Avoid Hiring Overqualified Workers? Evidence from an Internet Job Board
Kailing Shen, Peter Kuhn
Book volume 37

Did Trade Liberalization Help Women? The Case of Mexico in the 1990s
Ernesto Aguayo-Tellez, Jim Airola, Chinhui Juhn, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
Book volume 38

Research in Occupational Stress and Well-being

Understanding Affect, Stress, and Well-being Within a Self-Regulation Framework
Michael Howe, Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang, Russell E. Johnson
Book volume 11

Research in Political Economy

Did Gold Remain Relevant in the Post-1971 International Monetary System?
Jean-Guy Loranger
Book volume 28

Research in Political Sociology

Another Chapter from Democracy's Secret History: A Research Program on Some Small Spanish Towns
John Markoff, Antonio Herrera
Book volume 21

Research in Race and Ethnic Relations

The Last Black Mayor of Atlanta?
Todd C. Shaw, Kasim Ortiz, James McCoy, Athena King
Book volume 18

Research in Rural Sociology and Development

The Ambiguities of French Mediterranean Agriculture: Images of the Multifunctional Agriculture to Mask Social Dumping?
Catherine Laurent
Book volume 19

Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change

Media, Movements, and Mobilization: Tea Party Protests in the United States, 2009-2010
Tarun Banerjee
Book volume 36

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Imageries of Corporate Social Responsibility: Visual Recontextualization and Field-Level Meaning
Markus A. Höllerer, Dennis Jancsary, Renate E. Meyer, Oliver Vettori
Book volume 39 Part B

Research in Urban Sociology

How to Defeat an Urban Megaproject. Lessons from Mexico City Airport Controversy
Diane Davis, Onésimo Dewey
Book volume 13

Research on Emotion in Organizations

Lagged Influences of Customer Mistreatment on Employee Mood: Moderating Roles of Maladaptive Emotion Regulation Strategies
Yujie Zhan, Mo Wang, Junqi Shi
Book volume 9

Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting

Dysfunctional Auditor Behavior: The Effects of Tone at the Top and Supervisors' Relationships
Wayne Tervo, L.Murphy Smith, Marshall Pitman
Book volume 17

Review of Marketing Research

Designing and Pricing Digital Content Products and Services: A Research Review
P Kannan
Book volume 10

Sociological Studies of Children and Youth

A Different Girl Effect: Producing Political Girlhoods in the "Invest in Girls" Climate
Emily Bent
Book volume 16

Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance

If Reagan Played Disco: Rocking out and Selling out with the Talking Heads of Political Campaigns and their Unauthorized use of Music
Danwill D. Schwender
Book volume 18

Studies in Symbolic Interaction

The Best Road for Pragmatism: Neo-Pragmatism or Radical Interactionism?
James A. Shaw
Book volume 41

Tourism Social Science Series

Symbolic Convergence and Tourism Social Media
Szilvia Gyimóthy
Book volume 18

Transport and Sustainability

Contextual Requirements for Electric Vehicles in Developed and Developing Countries: The Example of China
Wolfgang Schade, Fabian Kley, Jonathan Köhler, Anja Peters
Book volume 3